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8 Of The Best Pasta Making Classes In Sydney

By Lucy Bell Bird
4th Jul 2019

Perhaps the only thing better than a delicious bowl of pasta is the satisfaction and bragging rights you get from making the whole meal yourself from scratch, eggs, flour and all. 

Don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with chucking a whole box of dry pasta into a pot of boiling water. And there’s absolutely no shame in ordering a serve of home-made gnocchi from your local Italian, whacking it on a fancy plate, opening the door in an apron and letting your friends think you’re some kind of chef in the making. But sometimes you just want to do-it-yourself. 

Here are all the best pasta making classes in Sydney.  

Salt Meats Cheese

Multiple Locations

Your go-to Italian joint, Salt Meats Cheese, is now sharing its secrets with the public. Across multiple locations, the crew at Salt Meats Cheese offer a range of pasta classes from introductory classes, to workshops focusing on fettuccine, ravioli, tortellini and a new exciting class that sees the chef let us in on her Nonna’s (formerly secret) recipe for Italian meatballs. The classes run regularly and start from $89 and include a recipe card, a glass of vino and some delicious antipasti. 

Cucina Italiana 


Chef Luciana Sampogna teaches the art of authentic Italian cooking from her heritage-listed Annandale home. Drawing on her Venetian heritage, Luciana offers 4-6 hour classes starting from $125. Her most popular class, the “Menu Classico” Long Italian Lunch, involves making fresh tagliatelle and ravioli each with their own sauces as well as risotto, a meat dish and dessert. After the lesson, the class sits down in Luciana’s kitchen to experience eating the Italian way: slowly and with lots and lots of vino. Luciana also offers special gluten-free versions of her “Menu Classico” class. 

Flour Eggs Water

Multiple Locations

With the recipe right there in the name, it is no surprise that Flour Eggs Water is famous for its pasta-making workshops. With classes on offer at both its Surry Hills and Tramsheds locations, a pasta lesson here will set you back $125. In the two-hour, hands-on class, chefs will teach you the basics of creating pasta from scratch as well as basic kitchen etiquette to minimize the risk of losing a finger. The class finishes with a two-course pasta lunch and a complimentary glass of vino or birra. Not only that, but you’ll get to walk away with a bunch of free stuff including a doggy bag of the pasta you’ve just made, a recipe book, a Flour Eggs Water apron and a tote bag as well as (of course) many precious pasta-packed memories. 



The team at Barbetta is too passionate about their pasta not to share it. Offering traditional pasta classes as well as specialized gnocchi and lasagne classes, the classes start from $110 (with classes ringing in at just $70) and end with a lunch including a glass of vino, recipes and a take-home pasta pack (perfect for impressing your loved ones and earning you ultimate bragging rights). 


Darling Harbour

Harbour-side staple Planar Bar & Dining offer pasta master classes for groups of 10 people or more where their expert Italian chef teaches the techniques and history behind all your favourite pasta varieties. The course also involves a 2-course dining experience and a glass of bubbly on arrival. In addition to taking home all the pasta you make, participants are gifted a Planar saucepot to help perfectly recreate Planar’s dishes in your own home. 

Casa Barilla


Any home cook will tell you that the word Barilla is practically synonymous with pasta. Now the Casa Barilla cooking school is offering classes to help home chefs up their pasta game. Each class is run by a renowned guest chef from one of Sydney’s favourite Italian restaurants. With demonstrations and master classes for $65 and hands-on classes for $100, all classes include a three-course meal with matching Italian wines and bounty of free stuff including a Barilla goodie bag and the chef’s recipes.

Pasta Emilia 

Surry Hills

Drawing from the traditions of their founder’s hometown in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Pasta Emilia is all about bringing Italy’s oldest traditions to their Surry Hills “Pasta Laboratorio”. The team at Pasta Emilia is all about everything Italian, from their introductory pasta classes, to their “Italian Gathering” four-course cooking class or their butter class (a dream-like experience where you just make and eat butter). Classes normally ring in at $95, although the “Italian Gathering” class is a bit pricier at $140. And, because cooking is thirsty work, all classes come with a complimentary glass of organic wine. 



Vive Cooking School was founded by Jean-Luc Tan and is staffed by an incredibly talented group of chefs from around the world. Between them, the team at Vive can teach you how to cook anything and everything, but their ravioli class is a firm favourite. After a lesson on the history of ravioli to get your mouth-watering you’ll learn how to prepare pasta dough from scratch, shape and fill the ravioli with two homemade fillings. The lesson finishes with a feast where you get to eat all of the pasta you’ve just made unless you’re restrained enough not to demolish the whole bowl, in which case, you’re encouraged to take leftovers home. 

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Image credit: Boris Jovanovic.

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