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Bondi Beach Is Getting An Ice Rink For Winter

By Ange Law
8th May 2018


This is not a drill people—Bondi Beach is bucking its trademark summer vibes and transforming itself into one big winter carnival. We’re most excited about the seaside ice rink (obvs), but will definitely be heading down for the huge ferris wheel, dubbed the Bondi Eye, and pop-up bloc party. Intrigued? Keep reading.  

It’s all happening as part of the Winter Magic festival that hits Bondi around this time each year. The ice rink will be front and centre, and you can either take a couple of easy loops around the rink, go full-kid and hire one of the penguins to help you around the ice, or play it cool on date night (maybe ditch the penguin if you want to up the romance factor).

The festival will culminate in a Music on the Streets: Bloc Party on 29 July, which is basically is a pop-up winter festival that’ll see you enjoying music from loads of buskers who will take over the streets of Bondi for the day.  

For all of the deets, head here

The details: 

When: 30 June – 22 July
Where: Forecourt of Bondi Pavilion
Cost: Varies 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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