Brewquets Is The Beer Gift Delivery Service You Need

By Anna May
7th Apr 2016


The problem: it’s your anniversary, your lover’s birthday, your brother’s graduation, or you’ve just been kind of a dick lately and want to do something nice for the dude in your life. That’s a really nice thought and all, but majority of the time flowers aren’t going to do the trick. And, well, you’re not exactly going to send them a stripper. Plus, gifts are so damn expensive – yeah I’m looking at you, $100 rose delivery service. 

Enter the best thing that has happened to us in years: Brewquets, the Sydney beer gift delivery service that has officially changed our lives for the better. When I gushed to owner Anna Jackson about how brilliant the idea was and how it’s exactly what I need when I am a jerk to my other half, she assured me I wasn’t alone. “That’s where I got the idea from! Being a mole to my husband. I gave birth literally weeks beforehand and I was a hormonal mess. I wanted to send him something to say ‘Sorry’ and well… The options were dire.”

Brewquets is different to your usual delivery service, though. Think Little Flowers but with beers and for someone who isn’t so keen on floral displays of affection. For just $35 including delivery, these guys will ship three craft beers wrapped in tissue and a hessian tote and adorned with a card for a cute ‘lil message. Geddit? Looks like a bunch of flowers but it’s really some awesome beers. Genius. 

If you want the beers, and by God you want them now, then they offer same-day delivery. Hint: get in quick! These guys are on to a good thing, so the Brewquets will go faster than the recipient can chug them. If you miss the same-day option, you can simply order for the next day, or for a few weeks if you’re super organised. You can’t choose exactly what beers you get, but that’s okay, they’ll always be a rotating selection of Australian craft brews and they’ll always be awesome. 

At the moment, Brewquets deliver to inner Sydney areas, but if you simply can’t do without them and want to go out of the zone, you can pay extra depending on the distance. 

Check them out here. Cards at the ready… 

Image credit: Brewquets

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