The Temperature In Sydney Is About To Drop To 2 Degrees

By Ange Law
29th May 2018

It’s time to zip on those winter woollies team—a hectic cold snap is headed to city and yeah, winter is officially coming. Seriously, out of date GOT references aside, there’s a very serious cold front moving through town this week and Sydney, that means temps will be going down down down to three degrees in some parts of the city. 

While the city will be carrying on with life at a chill (literally) nine degrees, areas like Campbelltown will be copping four degrees (some areas may drop to as low as two) and you can thank the good ol' BOM for those cold AF forecasts.  

The cold front is set to last the rest of the week and potentially into the weekend too, so the only thing left to do is rug up and binge the hell out of these

Image credit: Charles Deluvio

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