There’s A Huge New Development Happening & We Shotgun The Penthouse

By Yvonne Lam
23rd May 2018


If you’ve got your adult sh*t together, you’re probably playing the new, exciting game taking over the city: “My First Property”. In between the endless parade of Saturday morning inspections, you should check out the swanky new pads up for sale at Eastlakes. 

Eastlakes Live is a new property development by Crown Group that combines the three Rs: residential, retail and restaurants. It’s a mixed use property that promises shared community vibes, a good deal of outdoor spaces, and top shopping and dining spaces to boot. And, in case you’re unaware, Crown Group is the team behind such epic developments as this one in Parramatta and the futuristic-looking mammoth opening in Green Square. 

Plus, Eastlakes is happily sandwiched between Rosebery and Kingsford, AKA between Black Star Pastry and Manpuku Ramen—so that’s your dinner and dessert sorted right there. 

The property is still being built, with stage one of the development expected to be completed in 2021. In the meantime, you can check out what’s on offer at their display suites and start planning your dream life. They’ve got 134 apartments on offer, from penthouses for the ballers, to one-bedroom apartments for the I’m-no-baller-but-I’ve-got-enough-for-a-deposit-yo amongst us. 

If you’re keen, you can check out more details here.

Otherwise, check out their display suites IRL. 

The Details

What: Eastlakes Live display suite
When: Open daily, 10am–4pm
Where: 19a Evans Avenue, Eastlakes

All that talk about Rosebery's Black Star Pastry has gotten us hungry...

Image credit: Crown Group

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