There’s An Ethical Fashion Market Coming To Petersham

By Yvonne Lam
19th Jun 2018


We’re getting good at ridding ourselves of single-use items. Takeaway cups. Straws. Plastic bags. But have you ever thought about the damage that you’re doing with your single-use clothing?

Fast fashion—clothes that are quickly-produced, cheaply-sold, and worn only a couple of times before being thrown away—is no good. It kills the environment (up to 85 per cent of new textiles we purchase go to landfill), and in the most tragic cases, it kills people. When the Bangladeshi clothing factory in Rana Plaza collapsed in 2013, killing 1,134 people (primarily textile workers), it was a sobering wake up call to the devastating consequences of fast fashion. 

Ergo, fast fashion sucks. But you can buy beautiful clothes with a conscience, Emma Morris and Lee Glezos, the team behind the Round She Goes pre-loved and vintage fashion market, are launching The Slow Fashion Market at Petersham Town Hall on Saturday 1 September. 

It’s for people—you!—who care about how fashion is made, and the people who made your clothes. The market will showcase forty designers of quality, ethically-made threads; meaning the fashion goods are manufactured from sustainable materials, and designers either make the clothes themselves, or pay their workers fair wages. 

Mark it down in your calendars, and get sloooow with your fashion. 

The Details

What: The Slow Fashion Market
When: Saturday 1 September, 10am–3pm
Where: Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal St, Petersham
Cost: $2 entry (cash only). 
Note: Bring cash! Some stallholders will accept cards. 

Get sloooow with these Australian ethical fashion brands.

Image credit: Alana Dimou

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