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A Greek Food & Wine Festival Is Headed Our Way

By Ange Law
22nd May 2018

Hold on to your souvlaki, team, a big ol’ Greek wine and food festival is headed to Sydney and Melbourne and yes, this is very good news.

If you didn’t know (we certainly didn’t), Greece is the oldest wine-producing region in Europe, which means they’ve been mastering the formula for literal yonks. Meanwhile, their food is always fresh to death and food plus wine is always a damn good life plan.

This is the first time Oinofilia will be heading to Sydney, which means the line-up is still a bit tight-lipped at this stage, For those of you in Melbourne, you’re in for delicious eats from Camberwell’s Elyros and its sister Epocha, plus sweet treats from Prahran Market’s Sweet Greek. 

The festival is by the same legends who’ve brought us MOULD (the next-level cheese festival) and Pinot Palooza (needs no explanation) so you know this one will be the real deal, delivering more Greek food and wine than, frankly, you can handle (challenge accepted). There’ll also be plenty of music and “festivities” which we’ll just assume means a crap load of plate smashing. Because, would it really be a Greek festival without it? The answer is no.

For more details about the event in your city and to book your tickets, head here

The Details

When: Saturday 23 June, 12pm – 5pm
Where: The Commune
Cost: $55 (includes a Plumm wine glass)

When: Sunday 25, 12pm – 5pm
Where: Meat Market
Cost: $55 (includes a Plumm wine glass)

Or just book yourself a trip to Malta (go on, it's basically the same thing).

Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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