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You Can Now Take A Haunted Tour At Cockatoo Island After Dark

By Yvonne Lam
12th Jun 2018


You may know it as the backdrop for Ninja Warrior or the Sydney Biennale, but Cockatoo Island has a spookier past. In the 19th century, the heritage-listed island was an island prison, housing re-offending convicts—so you can already see where this is going. 

The Haunted Histories Night Tours are launching on the island this month and they delve into Cockatoo Island’s penal history, including tours of the coffin-like prison cells, the tales of the convicts who inhabited them, and stories of mysterious disappearances. And yes, there will be ghost stories…

If you’re not too scarred from your spooky experience, you can also stay on the island overnight. There are glamping, camping and apartment stay options, though after the tour, you’ll probably want to sleep with your light/torch on. 

The winter-time tours are back by popular demand—they’re designed to be family-friendly, but very young children (and I) may get a little creeped out. 

Ready to scare yourself silly? Do it here.

The Details

What: Haunted History Night Tour, Cockatoo Island
When: 9 June – 25 August, 6:30pm (June); 6pm and 6:30pm (July and August)
Where: Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour
Cost: $25/$15

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