PSA: K-Stew Walked The Cannes Red Carpet Barefoot

By Yvonne Lam - 16 May 2018

Proving once and for all that she gives zero flower trucks, Kristen Stewart has gone barefoot on the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. See. 


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While walking the red carpet before the screening of Spike Lee’s much-anticipated BlacKkKlansmen, our girl K-Stew posed for photographers in a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos, before kicking them off and climbing up the carpet stairs, sans shoes. 

Cannes is infamous for its strict dress code, which includes a high-heels-only rule for women. It’s attracted criticism for being an outdated and sexist policy, culminating in 2015’s Heel-Gate, where numerous flats-wearing women were turned away from the screening of lesbian drama Carol. At the time, Cannes Film Festival’s director denied that such a policy exists, but he might want to try telling that to the festival’s security guards slash fashion police, who are notorious for barring non-footwear-complying patrons from entry. 

This isn’t Stewart’s first act of footwear protest at Cannes. In 2016, she arrived at the screening of her film Personal Shopper sporting a pair of black Adidas sneakers, before changing to heels for the red-carpet photocall (and flipping the bird to photographers), then switching back to her comfy lace-ups. That girl is so bad-ass, and she looks so comfy while she’s at it. 

If you're into comfy flat shoes, how about some Docs?

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