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All Of The Love Island Contestants’ Instagram Handles Just Dropped

By Ange Law
23rd May 2018

The time has come people. For 10 lucky (?) singles to hot foot it over to Majorca for a wild summer in paradise. Too far? Well, Love Island Australia is kicking off this weekend people so if that’s too much cheese for you, get used to it. 

Here are the ten people heading into the house this Sunday. Let’s DO THIS. 

The Gals


Animal handler, known for her bum and banter. She’s a self-proclaimed cheeky bugger.


A post shared by MILLIE (@millie1993) on


Works as a waitress at ‘The Dick’. Yes, really.


A post shared by CASSIDY (@cattcity) on

Erin Alysha

She calls herself a naughty nurse (nuff said).


A post shared by ERIN (@erin.alysha) on


Beauty queen, man stealer, we’re tired already.


A post shared by TAYLA (@tayla.damir) on



Wants to be put on pedestal. Yep. 



A post shared by NATASHA (@tashacherie) on

The Bois


He’s a male model (and that’s, no doubt, the first of only a million times he’ll say it).


A post shared by JUSTIN (@justinlacko) on



Larrikin—there’s always one. 


A post shared by JOSH (@joshmoss_m) on


Tradie, confident and all girls love him (his own words, of course).


A post shared by GRANT (@grant_crapp) on


Tatted up prison guard who loves his mum. See. 


A post shared by EDEN (@dallyeden) on

Charlie Taylor

Best feature: body (again, his words). Seriously, we’re done. No really, bai.


A post shared by CHARLIE (@charlietaylor) on

P.S. says he has 260K Insta followers… actually has 178K. But seriously. Bai. 

Image credit: 9Now

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