Jump Online, One Of Sydney’s Hardest Escape Rooms Has Gone Virtual

By Jessica Best
3rd Jun 2020

A scene from Next Level Escape Room Sydney.

There’s no better time than right now to jump into virtual worlds and, over the last few months, we’ve definitely had our fair share of digital realms, live-streaming and virtual exploring.

Fresh on the digital bandwagon now is Sydney’s real MVP of escape rooms—Next Level.

The CBD institution, which is famous for its extremely difficult challenges (its iconic "Ex Libris" room merges real life with fiction via a whole bunch of literary-based puzzles), has just released an online version of its physical game designed and created in-house. It combines 360-degree photospheres with the latest web-based tech to recreate the feeling of actually being in one of its escape rooms.

Next Level’s virtual escape room (which is pretty much like a Zoom game where you navigate yourself through challenges) can be played alone or with friends and you’ll be able to explore rooms through photospheres, interact with actual props to progress and examine key objects in 3D.

We won’t give too much away but you can expect a heap of futuristic space vibes worthy of your brainpower. Head over here to check it out.

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Image credit: Neon Brand

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