PSA: The Classic Nintendo64 Might Be Making A Comeback

By Ange Law
25th May 2018

In what will no doubt be huge news to literally every 90s kid ever, the classic Nintendo 64 might be making a comeback. And before you bombard us with questions, we have next to no details, but we’ll still map this one out for you because we know you care (hellloooo, everyone cares). 

A Japanese Nintendo blog has done some serious web sleuthing and has unearthed a pretty incredible discovery—Nintendo has filed for an N64 trademark in Japan. Boom! Not only have they filed the trademark for the console itself, but also for the three-pronged controller and program itself. 

And while we’re all sitting here scratching our heads (seriously, wouldn’t they have already had the trademark?), we’re also all too happy to psych ourselves up for a big, emotional reunion with GoldenEye 007. Seriously, they just don’t make games like this anymore. 

Our thoughts are that they might just give it the same cute AF treatment as the NES Classic that went mini last year and, dear god, we are here for it.  

Here are 90 reasons for the 90s to come back already. 

Image credit: Nintendo

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