QUIZ: How Sydney Are You Really?

By Ange Law
1st May 2018

Have you ever been driving in the car with a mate, only to be cut off. Like, really cut off. So you obviously yell every expletive in your repertoire at the absolute potato, only for your friend to turn to you and say ‘god, you’re SO Sydney’? No? Just us? Look, maybe you’re just not as tragic of a Sydneysider as we are (we’re not sorry).

Whether you’re an out and proud Sydney-lover, indifferent to our fabulous city or sit somewhere in the middle—this is the quiz for you. Go on, find out juuuust how Sydney you really are. No judgement.



Now, here are a bunch of things that'll annoy you if you're from Sydney.

Image credit: Blythe Whittle

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