Go Out To Dinner This Weekend, Here’s Our Rolling List Of Restaurants Now Open

By Sammy Preston
19th Jun 2020

The dining room at Arthur Restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Dining out. Going for dinner. Brunch. Beers. Long lunches. It’s been a while between drinks Sydney, but our hospitality industry is slowly emerging from the colossal blow dealt by 2020. And that means your favourite feasting pastimes are back—albeit in a slightly different format.

Currently, restaurants are limited to 50 patrons at a time, with a four-square-metre social distancing rule around space (more on the easing of lockdown restrictions in NSW is here). This 50-person limit is due to be dropped as of Wednesday 1 July. 

Some venues have shaken things up, knowing full well that the state of play has changed forever—that we’ve learned a few new dining habits, and, ultimately, this pandemic isn’t over yet. We've listed all those details for you below. And in this respect, we say change is a good thing—and we’ll never not be hungry (or thirsty)—so bring it on.

One more thing guys. If you make a booking—show up for it. Don't be late. If you can't make it for whatever reason, let the restaurant know as soon as you can. If a restaurant can't fit you in, don't hate. After almost three months in some of the shakiest of financial circumstances in recent history, the hospitality industry is hurting. Old Sydney might have had that attitude, new Sydney needs to be better.

So, round up your mates and get set to feast. Here’s our extended list of venues across Sydney that are currently open for dine-in.

We'll be updating this list as restrictions ease further. Know of an epic venue that's reopened? Get in touch with us here

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Image credit: Arthur Restaurant

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