Space, Science And Dreams: These Are The Most Intriguing Events At Sydney Design Festival

By David Congram
20th Feb 2019

Sydney Design Festival 2019 | Urban List Sydney

Sydney Design Festival is fast approaching, giving us the chance to discover absolutely everything you could ever imagine about the past, present and future of design. That's right, space, science, fashion, food and future visions. 

With events dotted all throughout the city from Parramatta all the way to the CBD, the Sydney Design Festival program is bigger and more inspiring than ever. 

Here are our top picks that you definitely don’t want to miss this year. 

Meet One Of Australia’s Most Prolific Fashion Designers

Akira Isogawa has been a driving force behind contemporary Australian fashion for more than 25 years.  

Isogawa’s impressive career is now the subject of a retrospective at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS, formerly Powerhouse Museum) running alongside the Sydney Design Festival program.

“As a designer, I want to make things that are emotionally or spiritually connected to people," Isogawa says. Discover how Isogawa uses Japanese cultural influences to create truly original and quintessentially Australian contemporary garments.

In an intimate evening at MAAS, Akira Isogawa curator, Roger Leong, is joined by the designer for an in-conversation event exploring Isogawa’s role in developing Australia’s fashion credentials. Head here for tickets

What: Akira Isogawa In Conversation
When: Monday 4 March, 6-8pm
Where: Powerhouse Museum

Taste Chocolate Created From Census Data

We are assaulted by data all day, every day. But how do we consume it?

While scientists are studying how the rise of big data has shaped us to rely more and more on our visual cortex, Jack Zhao of Small Multiples, Australia’s leading data visualization studio, believes that we can use our other senses of taste, touch and smell to communicate and understand complexities of information.

Collaborating with Jen Lo of the artisan chocolatier, Bakedown Cakery, Zhao presents Not A Single Origin, a project that uses population census data to create delicious chocolates.

With Not A Single Origin, Zhao and Lo make your mouth water for the streets of Sydney. Using experimental 3D printing, mapping suburbs to distinct chocolate flavour profiles, the interactive project celebrates the great demographic diversity of Sydney today. Reserve a spot here

What: Not A Single Origin
When: Wednesday 6 March, 6-7:30pm
Where: The Hearth, Wilkinson Building, School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney

Be Part Of A 60,000 Year Design History

Four women are at the helm of the 2019 MAAS Indigenous Design Symposium, held at the Sydney Observatory as part of Sydney Design Festival. Each one of these inspiring women is widely recognised as a leader in Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander art and design, which, being one of the oldest design legacies ringing in a good 60,000 years, is impressive to say the least. 

Megan Cope, Glenda Nicholls, Joanne Self and Vicki West lead two days of a deep dive into this fascinating history, sharing how traditional cultural practices are still being reimagined by contemporary practitioners. Book your ticket here

What: MAAS Indigenous Design Symposium
When: Saturday 9 March, 10am-4pm
Where: Sydney Observatory

Travel Into Outer Space

Also held by our starry-eyed friends at Sydney Observatory, Sydney Design Festival takes to the skies in an exclusive night tour of telescopes, planets, stars, supernovae and more.

Sydney Observatory's night tours are led by real astronomers and hosted regularly, however on this occasion, you'll also hear how evolutions in design have enriched our exploration of space.

Tours include the planetarium, a telescope viewing or presentation in the Space Theatre where you’re invited to kick back and look up into the heavens. Book your tour here

What: Sydney Observatory Night Tour
When: Monday 4 March, 8:30-10pm
Where: Sydney Observatory

Realise Crazy Design Dreams

International guest, Rachel Wingfield, presents the official Sydney Design Festival keynote. Her topic is the biggest of them all: speculating our future.

As co-founder of Loop.pH–one of the world’s most exciting design studios operating out of London–Wingfield shares how art and design in the public space can help us question the social and environmental impacts of potential biological and technological futures.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "dare to dream", Wingfield’s keynote is set to inspire Festival punters to re-imagine our shared future. Book a spot here.

What: Sydney Design Festival Keynote: Rachel Wingfield
When: Friday 8 March, 6-8pm
Where: Powerhouse Museum

Sydney Design Festival runs from March 1-10. Check out the full Sydney Design Festival program here

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Image credit: Atmeture by Loop.pH.

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