Sydney Now Has A Same Day Succulent Delivery Service

By Phoebe McRae
28th Feb 2017

succulent delivery sydney

All you wannabe plant parents listen up! You’ll never kill a plant again thanks to Little Succers—Sydney’s new same day succulent delivery service.

Gift yourself, or gift your mate, with something other than flowers (they die) or chocolates (they melt) and surprise them with some low maintenance love.

For only $35 you can have a potted succulent, boxed up in cute hand-stitched neon packaging complete with a hand written card, delivered to your home/desk/friend on the very same day. All you have to do is find a nice spot in the sun to keep it alive.

And in case you're wondering (of course you are), they've just launched Little Pricks so you can send your mates a cactus instead. In their (very wise) words, these little jerks are sharp AF and come with all the succer trimmings, with a handwritten message card and neon packaging. Now we know you're convinced.

Want to get your green on? Check this out.

Image credit:  Annie Splatt

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