Sydney’s Best Outdoor Yoga Classes

By Melissa Paddison
7th Jun 2014

Sydney’s Best Outdoor Yoga Classes

Everyone knows yoga is good for you. It's a fact, we should all be doing it… Sometimes, though, even when you know how good you'll feel afterwards, it's difficult to find the motivation to get moving and get to a class (especially when there's extra sleep to be had).

But what if you could get your yoga fix away from the studio? We believe getting your 'om' on amongst the gorgeous scenery of Sydney, would make the just-do-it factor about 10 times easier.

So, with that in mind, step into your yoga gear, pack your mat, and head off to one of the following outdoor yoga classes in Sydney to enjoy not only a vibrant practice, but an uplifting experience outside of the traditional yoga room.

There are other benefits, besides the motivation factor, as well, including:
•    Improvement in physical, mental, and emotional wellness
•    Reduced stress and anxiety (yes, please!)
•    Cultivate inner and outer peace
•    Enhanced concentration and clarity
•    Build stamina and strength
•    Create a harmonious and balanced state of wellbeing

Here are our picks for the best outdoor yoga classes in Sydney.

Yoga By The Sea | Bondi Beach

Yoga By The Sea is in one of the most iconic locations in Sydney, Bondi Beach so you can see why yogis from all over are rushing to take a class. Yoga By the Sea offers outdoor yin and yang classes at Bondi Iceberg and if you happen to spot a whale during your sun salutations then you can enjoy your next class free (from now until October 2014)! You can also find seaside classes in Bronte Park, which is a beautiful spot. Classes run for about an hour and no bookings are necessary, simply drop in and allow yourself to breathe in the powerful energy of the ocean. You won't regret it.

Waters Edge Yoga | Rushcutters Bay, The Domain

Waters Edge Yoga (WEY) offers outdoor yoga classes in Sydney's Rushcutters Bay and The Domain. Bring your mat and simply allow yourself to flow and breathe right along with the water and bobbing boats in Rushcutters Bay. To get started, try your first class for $10 and choose from WEY Fit, WEY Chill, and WEY Free. WEY classes include a challenging dynamic class, a calm restorative class, and a flowing class, so you can choose the style that suits you best.

Yoga Kayaking | Balmoral Beach

Yoga Kayaking is a 40-minute yoga class followed by 40 minutes of kayaking, offered by Rancan Sisters Fitness in Balmoral Beach. Developed by twin sister personal trainers it is a vibrant and energising class that was developed to create a total mind and body experience. The class gives your physical body a challenging workout and allows your inner mind to be strengthened by the energy of the ocean outside at Balmoral Beach.

Mosman Yoga Co-Op | Mosman

Every month a group of yoga teachers band together to offer the community a free outdoor yoga class at Balmoral Beach. The Mosman Yoga Co-Op class is located on the green near the Rotunda. Ensure you bring your yoga mat and towel and allow yourself to be immersed in the soothing waves of Balmoral as you move through your first downward facing dog.

Yoga Sati Life | Coogee

Morning outdoor yoga classes are offered at Wylies Baths in Coogee, where yogis are invited to 'enjoy opening your body, feeling empowered in your thoughts, sensing the aliveness of your spirit, at peace in the world and in love with your life'. When heading over to Wylies Baths, take a deep breath of fresh air and start your morning with a class by the sea on the panoramic deck. Roofing enables year-round classes and include Vinyasa flow and Yogalates at Yoga Sati Life.

Lululemon Athletic Yoga | Around Sydney

Not only do they have great yoga gear—but Lululemon also offers the gift of yoga to our community. Rock your asana at their free weekly outdoor yoga classes in Sydney, at various outdoor locations led by  local yoga instructors. Pop on in and check out what community outdoor classes are offered from the various stores at Bondi Junction, Balmain, Mosman, Chatswood, and the Ivy (George Street).

So, what are you waiting for? Step outside the studio and into a yoga practice outdoors. Embrace the beauty of nature and experience Sydney on your yoga mat!

Melissa Paddison (pictured) is a Sydney-based yoga teacher and wellness coach.

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