Sydney’s Best New Delivery Services

By Hannah Morris
5th Apr 2017

2017 will forever be known as the year we refuse to leave our houses. Just kidding. But seriously, is there anything you can’t get conveniently delivered to your doorstep? We now have a plethora of options available at our fingertips, to make this whole adulting thing a hell of a lot simpler.

We thought it was about time we celebrated the new, super cool kids on the delivery services block. Here’s our pick of Sydney’s best new delivery services. 


Picture this: it’s a Friday night and you’re parked up on the couch in your PJs ready to tuck into the Chinese take out that was just delivered to your door. Anything missing? A nice glass of wine, obvs. Well not anymore! Brothers Shane and Ryan Barrington, the founders of Tipple are (literally) delivering the goods with their new alcohol delivery service. Beer, wine, cider or spirits; you name it, they've got it. Last minute ladies night? No problemo, these guys will have your mixes delivered cold and ready to go within 60 minutes of ordering. 

Little Succers

Little Succers, Sydney’s new same day succulent delivery service is answering all our last minute gift prayers. Hot tip: flowers are so last year. For only $35 you can have a little potted succulent, boxed up in hand-stitched packaging complete with a punny handwritten card (because life would succ without puns), delivered to the lucky recipient of your last minute (but thoughtful) gift. 

Gourmet Dinner Service

Every night could be date night with Gourmet Dinner Service delivering fine dining to your doorstep. GDS provides top quality and tasty meals that use only the finest produce from markets, farms and local suppliers. Wild mushroom risotto, Mediterranean tuna salad and massaman beef curry are just a few of the delicious options they have on offer. Not only are the meals seriously delicious (and customisable, we’re looking at you our vegan, GF and DF friends), they're also good for you (bonus) and ready to go. All you need to do is heat and eat.

Potato Postie

Potato Postie, Australia’s very own Potato Post (yes, this is now a thing) is spreading the love through the streets of Sydney one root vegetable at a time. If you’re struggling to find the perfect birthday card, or you need to apologise for eating your flatmates food (#sorrynotsorry) we have the answer—send it on a potato! Because who wouldn't want to receive a ball of starch with a personalised message on it? Exactly.


Brewquets are exactly as their name suggests, bouquets of brew (because flowers die, chocolates melt and let's be real guys don’t really like either). Take your pick from a range of local craft beer and cider, wrapped in tissue and a hessian tote complete with a cute little card. The team at Brewquets do the hard work and pick a different selection of craft brews every month, leaving the best part (the drinking of course) up to us. No complaints here!


It’s no secret we love the guys at THR1VE, they’ve saved us from many a sad desk lunch. Now they’re saving us from sad dinners! You can get their new range of ready made meals delivered straight to your door, we’re talking lasagne, jerk chicken and even cherry chocolate ball snacks.

Want to spruce up the home or office? Check this out.

Image credit: ​Annie Splatt

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