Sydney’s Just Landed The World’s First Deaf-Friendly Restaurant Chain

By Yvonne Lam
25th May 2018

It all started with two deaf customers. The regulars had been coming to Rashays in Punchbowl for about a year but would struggle to communicate with staff. The good guys at Rashays knew what to do and yes, good guys is a HUGE understatement.

In a world-first, Rashays is set to become a fully deaf-friendly company which means it will be mandatory for all Rashays staff to be trained in basic Auslan, the sign language of Australia. Staff will learn how to welcome deaf and hearing-impaired customers and communicate with them about the menu, their order, or whether they have any allergies. 

According to founder Rami Ykmour, they’re the first restaurant brand to make it mandatory for hearing staff to learn sign language which means all of their 22 restaurants nationwide will be deaf-friendly by 2019. It’s a big goal, but hey, pretty amazing right?

The program is still being rolled out in the Punchbowl store, but we’re pretty excited to see some hella positive steps towards inclusivity and accessibility in Sydney’s dining scene. 

PS there’s an awesome talk about accessibility in city design as part of Vivid 2018. Check it out here.  

Image credit: Supplied

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