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The Best Parks To Eat Cheese And Drink Wine In Sydney

By Sophia Richardson
9th May 2018


As most of you are aware, the activity we truly excel at is eating cheese and drinking wine. TBH we never get sick of it, so the more places that we can drink vino and eat nibbles, the better.

There is no need to hide your wine in drink bottles anymore (or was that just us?), because we’ve found the best parks in Sydney that you can actually drink bevvies in. Oh, and don’t be that person who leaves their empties behind… Not cool!

Barangaroo Reserve

If money is tight and the luxe Barangaroo restaurants are a bit out of reach, fear not. You can pack your picnic basket with some wine, cheese and crackers and hit up one of the many parks at Barangaroo, which need we remind you have insane views of Sydney harbour.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Tucked right down in the bottom of Lavender Bay is the famous Wendy’s Secret Garden. The garden is beautifully manicured and gardened by Wendy Whiteley, Brett Whiteley’s wife, and is open to the public to enjoy all day, every day. And by enjoy, we definitely mean cracking open a bottle of red and slicing into that wheel of brie.

Centennial Park

No need to worry about fighting the other couples and families for the prime positions in Centennial Park to plonk your picnic, when you can easily book your very own picnic sites. The park has 11 sites to choose from, so once booked, all you have to worry about is what brand of camembert to buy.

Blackwattle Bay Park

Crack open a cold one and enjoy the setting sun at Blackwattle Bay Park. You can walk around the bay until you find the perfect water side picnic spot and set up your cheese board. Since doggos make everything better, bring along your fluffers too for that extra picnic pazazz.

Cremorne Point Reserve

Cremorne Point Reserve has incredible views and even a free ocean swimming pool, so pack your togs as well as that chutney, cheese and pickle ensemble. Your weekend arvo wine and cheese spot has been officially decided. Only question now is a bottle of red or white?

Manly Dam

Reserve a picnic area and get your vino on at Manly Dam. The beautiful location has picnic areas that have swimming access and BBQs, and for a regular table it will only set you back $48. If you’re not that keen on paying, you can BYO a picnic rug and set up your cheese and wine camp along the lake. Either way, the views are kind of unbeatable. You’re not allowed to bring your dogs to this one, so our tip is to just replace them with another bottle of wine.

Lane Cove National Park

Start off your day with a bush walk through one of Sydney’s most beautiful parks, only to finish off with some well-deserved vino and nibbles. The park has BBQ areas, so you even have the option to turn your low-key picnic into a raging BBQ.

Mrs Macquaries Chair

If you’re in need of impressing someone with breathtaking views, heading down to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is your easy guarantee. The park is not BYO, but they do have Busby’s Bar where you can sip on a G&T and enjoy the seriously incredible Harbour Bridge view. It’s actually the perfect date spot so don’t be surprised if your date tries and marries you after the night.

Davidson Park

Nothing goes better with wine and cheese than serene river views, right? Take the trip to Forestville to check out Davidson Park, with its spectacular views and endless cheese and wine picnic spots. We’d recommend going on a bush walk, but after a bottle of red wine and half a wheel of blue cheese, it may not be high on your to-do list.

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Image Credit: Federica Portentoso

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