Big News, The Lansdowne Just Scored A 5am License

By Kyle Hughes
5th Aug 2019

The Lansdowne Hotel A Club Called Rhonda | Urban List Sydney

The Lansdowne is best known for giving a platform to underground musicians to perform—and with its hefty focus on live music, the venue is a Sydney icon. Today it's been announced that an extended license has been granted to the venue, meaning The Lansdowne can stay open until 5am and Sydney’s nightlife just scored a major boost. 

What better opportunity to celebrate this monumental moment than a colossal party full of boundary-pushing dance music, LGBTQ-inclusivity, “aggressive glamour” and self-expression heading to the venue—all the way from LA.

A Club Called Rhonda has been thrown all throughout the US, as well as locations like Berlin, London, and Toronto. Now, thanks to the culture heroes at The Lansdowne, Picnic and Terzini, this epic party is headed to Sydney, and lovers of live music can expect a night of exotic happenings and a strong sense of community, bringing people together under their love of music, well into the earliest hours of Sunday

Arriving on August 24th, A Club Called Rhonda is making a major appearance at The Lansdowne, and the party will run from 9pm until 5am.

The extended licensing granted to The Lansdowne will enable the venue to continue accepting new patrons after the typical 1:30am lockout period that is placed on other venues in Sydney.

Co-owner and revivalist of the live music scene at The Lansdowne, Jake Smyth, is excited for A Club Called Rhonda to hit Sydney, saying that the night will be one of good vibes and great music. 

“We expect it to be good fun with some rocking music. The energy it brings Sydney, especially at this time, will be great as it is quite a big party and can bring a lot of hope,” Smythe says. “The party is all about inclusivity and can spread the edges of our community a little wider than we’ve been experiencing in Sydney, currently.”

The lockout laws that have been in place since February 2014 have made it difficult for many venues to stay thriving—even remain open. These lockout laws have strongly impacted the live music scene found within Sydney, but they are being slowly being relaxed.

The battle to get the extended licensing was costly and took many months, Smyth says. But he’s excited for the future of The Lansdowne.

“We are over 12 months into the 2-year probationary period given by Council and are just only now allowed to throw a party."

However, Smyth is hopeful for the future of the venue and believes that A Club Called Rhonda will bring music lovers together and show everyone a new, bloody exciting, type of party.

“Everyone can get together, meet new people, and have new experiences—and it’s a wild party. I’m excited to see what this group of wild humans can bring as Sydney can party with the best of them, but the group from A Club Called Rhonda seem to be coming from a pretty special place,“ adds Smyth.

For anyone out there looking for a night of experimental and boundary-pushing dance music, good vibes, and crazy ambiance, be sure to come to The Lansdowne and experience the party of A Club Called Rhonda.

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What: A Club Called Rhonda
Where: The Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale
When: Saturday 24 August, 9pm-5am

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Image credit: A Club Called Rhonda. 

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