Uber & The Red Cross Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Pre-Loved Clothes

By Yvonne Lam
30th May 2018


You know that bag of clothes you promise, one day, you’ll “sell at the markets”? Markets are time, markets are battling the elements, markets are begging your friends for their clothes racks and trestle tables. Look, we hate to break it to you, but your second-hand market stall is never gonna happen.

So, what to do with all that pre-loved clothing? Mark down Sunday 3 June in your calendar guys, because Uber and the Australian Red Cross are going to do the hard yakka for you. Request an Uber between 12–4pm and an Uber driver will pick up your clothes and deliver them to a Red Cross Shop...for free. 

The Uber x Red Cross Clothing Drive is for clothes, shoes and accessories only—so no toys, books, electronics or furniture. Make sure donations are in good condition (i.e. items that you’d be happy to gift to your bestie), and are bagged up and ready to bring out to your Uber driver as they pull up. 

It’s a win win. You clean out your closet, and the Red Cross sells your stuff, and the profits go towards their projects that help people in need. They couldn’t make it any easier if they tried. 

For more deets, head here.

The Details

Uber x Red Cross Clothing Drive
Sunday 3 June, 12–4pm
Check the areas that Uber drivers will be covering here.

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