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Where To Buy Indoor Plants In Sydney

By Jessica Best
9th Nov 2017


Why do we love indoor plants Sydney? Simple. They’re foolproof. And for people like us who could never really rise to the occasion and commit to a full-blown rainforest backyard (who even has backyards anymore?), they’re perfect.

If you’ve found yourself planted (geddit?) within the botanic homeware craze, we’re one step ahead. We’ve gone and rounded up the ultimate places around fab ol’ Sydney to get your hands on the best in-house shrubbery to make it look like you were blessed with at least a little bit of horticultural talent.

Here are the best places to buy indoor plants in Sydney.

Natures Colours


The indoor-plant selection here is pretty damn amazeballs—you’ll find everything from leafy Devil’s Ivy to a simple flower stem or fig leaf plant. Plus, the succulent bowls here are a beautiful and glorious thing everyone needs to jump on board (especially these ones) and hey, if you’re a lil’ strapped for time, they can deliver these bad boys straight to your door.


Rhodes & Tempe

We don’t need to tell you that IKEA is a mecca for all things homewares but just incase you weren’t aware, their house-friendly flora makes you whip out that credit card faster than you can say “take my damn money”. And ICYMI, you can now shop these gems online.


Multiple Locations

Apart from being home to the iconic Aussie sausage sangas, Bunnings whips up more than a good Saturday morning feed. And sure, they have all your staple plant goods in schmancy pots and vases but we guarantee you’ll want to jump on board their pendant lights with a planter. Think little shrubs and vines studded into suspended bulbs. Yep, they’re even cooler than they sound.

Newtown Flower Market


We imagine plant heaven to look a little something like this nursery. It’s packed to the rafters with leaves, vines, stems, rainforest plants suited to indoor situations, potted bonsais, succulents and cacti. There’s a mixed supply of staple green goods and some uncommon species too but you’ll find awesome staff on-hand to help you figure out which lush beauties are the best for you to adopt.

Domus Botanica


Domus Botanica is turning over a new leaf (not even sorry) with its urban jungle creations that’ll make any indoor space way cooler. Easy decisions here aren’t really a thing (this is what happens when everything looks awesome) but they have a range of modern dry-climate plants and succulents that are already potted in stylish ceramics and good to go. You’ll also find some spiky desert sprouts and the stunning “string of pearls”, an overflowing succulent vine perfect to hang from your bookshelf.

The Glasshouse Co


For super ornamental terrariums and succulents, you’ll want to hit up The Glasshouse Co. And even though this green haven was initially teed up to create a bespoke gifting platform, you’ll no doubt be gifting yourself a lot because #treatyoself. The novel thing about these babies is the succulent is encased in a glass box with exposed roots in a water box underneath meaning you get to watch your plant grow and change.

Simply Plants

Bellevue Hill

No biggie but these guys are kind of the major green-thumbed humans in Sydney. If you’re looking for an indoor statement fern or some vegetation blooming out of a rustic pot, the crew at Simply Plants has got your back. There are Lady Palms, stems of bamboo, Dragon Trees and Money Trees that’ll make your shoebox apartment feel like you’re in the middle of the rainforest. Did we mention this is one of the best places to buy indoor plants in Sydney? Because they are.

Leaf Supply


Leaf Supply is basically delivering potted happiness right to your doorstep so how could you not be a fan? And to make things even better, all the little foliage gems here are low maintenance and only need a teeny bit of sunlight and a liiiiitle bit of water once a week. You’ll find some lush trailing vines, snake plants in ceramic pots and canvas bags of Sword ferns.

Once you've bought the plants, read this to find out how to keep them alive. 

Image Credit: Brina Blum

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