There’s Now A Zero-Gravity Champagne You Can Drink In Space

By Yvonne Lam
14th Jun 2018


Sick of floating around in space without a glass of bubbles to celebrate? Tell me about it. This is one for the kids who grew up eating space food sticks...

Maison Mumm has collaborated with Spade, an agency dedicated to “space design”, to create a champagne that can be enjoyed in outer space. Instead of viewing zero gravity as a problem to be conquered, they’ve viewed it as a cool new design possibility. And boy oh boy have they delivered.

It’s called Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, and here’s how it works: they’ve designed a concept bottle that uses the champagne gas to shoot the liquid into a ring-shaped frame, that sits at the mouth of the bottle. The liquid is then condensed as a floating ball and then released into the air, where it’s gathered up in a specially designed glass. Fittingly, it looks like those big soap-bubble blowers that kids play with. This is bubble-blowing for adults. You with us? Good.

Check out the vid of it in action here (you know, if you’re not as with us as you thought). 

By y tho? Well, Maison Mumm predict that by 2030, there’ll be 5 million tourists in space. How else are they going to kick back and celebrate? Plus, zero gravity is a flavour enhancer. Weightlessness reduces the fizz, while intensifying the champagne flavour. 

We’re counting down to September when the champagne officially “lifts off”. You can read more about this fabulous champagne here.

Or you can stay on earth and drink champagne (and eat fried chicken) here

Image credit: Jakub Dziubak

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