13 Life Hacks For When You’re Feeling Lazy AF

By Katie Stow
18th Jan 2018

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Look, if there’s one thing we totally get, it’s that sometimes you just feel lazy AF. You know what we mean, when pausing Netflix for snack breaks is your biggest challenge. That kind of lazy. But some days you just need a helping hand to make life just that bit easier. So, we’ve teamed up with our beautiful friends at Family Clean to bring you 13 life hacks for those days when you just can’t even. 

  1. Loot the house kitty fund and book yourself a lush (but affordable) cleaner to start 2018 off the right way. Family Clean will ensure your house is looking spick and span on the regs, with their super friendly services customised to your own house's needs and wants (cute!). Take it from us, finding a good cleaner is not as easy as it sounds, but when you do, it's life-changing.

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  2. Wrinkled clothes? Forget the hecking iron, just throw them in the dryer with a damp hand towel for five minutes. Mind = blown.   
  3. Be the epitome of ~pantry goals~ with a little help from the Family Clean crew. They don’t just nail the basics like vacuuming, they’ll also clean and organise your pantry and get rid of those weird sticky condiments accumulated at the back. YASS QUEEN.
  4. Buy a snazzy planner. Use it to map out your days and months, heck, why not colour code it while you’re at it? Then enjoy the stress-free experience of getting small things done when they should be, instead of letting them all pile up into a nightmarish avalanche of life admin that you inevitably have to deal with (nope, it doesn't go away).
  5. Too lazy to clean your own make up brushes, even though you know there's probably entire civilisations living in them by now? Never fear, because Family Clean can do just that along with all the other standard bits and pieces, like actually cleaning the bathroom properly.

    Family Clean, Brisbane cleaners
  6. Did someone forget to chill the vino, but you need it ASAP? No need to think ahead with this lil' life hack: wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel and throw it in the freezer to speed up that cooling process. She'll be done in a jiffy, promise. 
  7. If you're tossing up between cooking and watching Netflix, well, you can now do both. Be the laziest person alive and FaceTime the stove while you chill in front of your screen and make sure that pasta doesn't boil over. Genius, we know.
  8. Let’s get really real. Are you a serial plant killer but froth the greenery trend? Then it’s high time you invested in a beaut cactus or seven and turned your place into the world's prickliest jungle. Nearly un-killable, but aaallll the lush desert-chic feels.
  9. Avoid the nightly dilemma between cooking and ordering UberEats (option B, always) by making bulk foods at the beginning of the week. Yeah, there's a tiny bit of effort involved to start with (although bonus lazy points for using the slow cooker), but once it's done, you can kick back for a whole week. What will you do with all that spare time?

    Family Clean, brisbane cleaners, life hacks
  10. We get it, sometimes you crave sweet, carby delights but, well, baking a cake just reeks of effort. So, why not make a microwave mug cake? Perfect for just one serve, zero compromise on taste, and takes less than five minutes. We got you. (Why not check our out super easy recipe here?)
  11. Do you love your floof but CBF constantly picking up after their shedding coat? Family Clean gets you and actually specialises in cleaning pet-friendly homes. Woohoo, you can actually wear your black clothes to work again!
  12. So you're not too lazy to actually clean your teeth (hopefully), but you're definitely too lazy to go and get more toothpaste when you've run out. Well, all you need is a bobby pin on the bottom to squish all the pastey goodness to the top. Started from the bottom, now we here.
  13. Ladies and gents, who hates those fluff balls that accumulate on your sweaters? Everyone? Good. Ain't nobody got time to snip each and every one off individually, so grab your razor because with just a quick whizz over you can bid adieu to the fluff, forever. 

Editor's note: This article is proudly sponsored by Family Clean and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy. 

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