6 Reasons Apartment Living Is Actually The Best

By Rachel Lay
5th Jul 2017

Perks of apartment living

With the world seemingly fixated on buying houses at the moment, we thought it was only fair to stop for a second and give the ol’ apartment some love. Why? Because apartments are actually awesome. And to make our case, we’ve teamed up with our pals at St Tropez Newstead to prepare a handy little reminder of six reasons apartment living is actually the best.

#1 Never Take The Bins Out Again

Hands up if you’ve ended up in an argument over who should take the bins? Bonus points if it’s in winter, and even more bonus points for when it’s raining. The thing we love most about apartment living is that someone does the bins for you. All you’ve got to do is take it to the rubbish room—what a breeze! All without getting your slippers wet in the rain.

#2 There’s No Lawn To Mow

Let’s be real—mowing the lawn is the pits. Working out how to a) start the damn things, and b) actually mowing the lawn, is a seriously sucky task. Sure, you could pay someone to come out and do it for you, but that costs money, and in an apartment maintenance is already taken care of, so you’re golden. Oh, how the other half live.

#3 The Views Are Epic

Apartments also have views you could never find in a house. Unless your house is 30 stories, which is just extra anyway. There’s nothing better than cracking open a bottle of rose, assembling a cheese platter, and kicking back on your balcony with some tunes and a city view, is there?!

#4 Location, Location, Location

Apartments also allow you to claim a way fancier postcode than if you were to invest in a house. A house in Newstead? Not gonna happen, my friend. An adorable high rise apartment? Too easy. And like we said, the views are killer. So is the shopping. And the restaurants. And everything, really. 

#5 You Don’t Need To Be A Handy Man

Changing light bulbs, understanding why your oven isn’t working, balancing the PH in your pool, and having a creaky door are past you’s problems right now. Apartment living means that maintenance is covered, and you don’t need to lift a finger. Remember mowing the lawn? Weeding? Neither do we.

#6 All Of The Amenities

Having a gym in your house is something you probably only associate with millionaires, but guess what: apartments have gyms, too. They’ve got also got luxe things like saunas, and roof top cabanas by the pool. At least St Tropez apartments do, because they know exactly what we want and a roof-top cabana is it.

Feeling like you’re actually not about that mowing the lawn life? Check out St Tropez’s website right here.

Image credit: Images provided by St Tropez. 

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