Defy Gravity At Brisbane’s Huge Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel

By Erin Curtain
1st May 2019


Ever wanted to experience skydiving but not particularly keen at the thought of hurtling towards the ground at 250km per hour? Luckily for us sensible adrenaline chasers, Brisbane's northside has just scored a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving centre.

iFly, the American-based extreme sports company, has opened their slick-looking indoor skydiving centers across the world and has just brought their revolutionary concept to Brisbane. The facility inside the multi-million dollar Westfield Chermside entertainment complex comprises of a centralised, 4m wide vertical glass wind tunnel that creates a freefall sensation for users that is very similar to jumping out of a plane (just, without the risk of actually jumping out of a plane). If soaring in a vertical wind tunnel isn't necissarily your cup of tea, the centre also provides a swish viewing platform for you to watch friends and family take to the skies.

Speaking of the launch into the Queensland market, iFly's Australian GM, Nir Davidson says, it is for all ages and experience level, "(iFly) is a completely new experience for the Brisbane market. The ability to deliver that dream of flight to everyone, regardless of their age or physical dexterity, is a key vision for us as an organisation." 

iFly has just opened on May 1 2019 at Westfield Chermside, and is open seven days a week. Check out all the details right here.

Image credit: iFly

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