Brisbane’s Getting A Huge Indoor Skydiving Centre!

By Erin Curtain - 28 Jul 2017


Ever wanted to experience skydiving but are not hella keen at the thought of hurtling towards the ground at 250km per hour? Same. Luckily for us sensible adrenaline chasers, Brisbane's northside will soon be getting a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving centre as part of their new expansion.

iFly is an American based company that has opened indoor skydiving centers all around the world and is soon bringing their revolutionary concept to Brisbane. The facility will include a centralised, vertical glass tunnel that will create a freefall sensation for users that is very similar to jumping out of a plane, just, you know, without the risk of impending doom.

iFly is scheduled to be operating in late 2018, so for now, we’ll just stick to Bounce.

Image credit: iFly

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