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Get Flawless Skin In Your Lunch Break With This Kim K Approved Beauty Treatment

By Ranyhyn Laine
18th Oct 2019

Aquagold fine touch

If the thought of skin needling is enough to make you feel faint, or you want to try dermal fillers but aren’t quite sure where to start, we might have found just the beauty treatment for you.

If you happened to noticed Kim Kardashian-West’s glowing look at the Met Gala this year, you’ve already seen the results of this treatment. AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a celeb-approved ‘super facial’ that delivers all the benefits of injectables without the down time, and it’s so quick and easy you can do it in a lunch break. Promising smaller pores, brighter tone, extra hydration, reduced fine lines and general ‘glowiness’ (that’s the technical term), it’s pretty much a facial on crack.

Cosmetic skin clinic Medaco is the first Brisbane clinic to offer the treatment, and we’re betting it’s going to catch on real soon. Here’s everything you need to know.

So what is it?

Well the bad news is that there are needles involved—but don’t worry, each one is thinner than a human hair, so there’ll be no pain or bleeding. Using a small vial tipped with 20 gold-coated hollow needles, a cocktail of special ingredients are delivered directly into the surface of the skin. The concoction can be tailored to your skin’s needs, but will typically include Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers and vitamins, all designed to tighten and smooth out the skin, hold water and moisturise.

Because it’s not going deep into your skin, only into the surface, there’s no effect on movement or muscle relaxation, like full-on Botox would have. Instead, the botulinum toxin smoothes out imperfections like fine lines, pore size and scar tissue, while hyaluronic acid filler plumps up the skin, drawing in and holding hydration. The vitamins, meanwhile, are what give you that summer-worthy glow. 

Why would you want to try it? 

Glass skin in under an hour? Why wouldn’t you? AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is ideal for anyone with acne scars, noticable pores, fine lines around the eyes and forehead or just general dullness. Basically, you get the convenience of a facial with the “after image” from an injectibles brochure. 

How will the appointment go down? 

Once you’ve checked in a Medaco and signed a few forms, you’ll be taken to a treatment room where Dr Emma or one of the other superstar skin specialists, who will remove any make up and talk you through the process. Once you’ve mentally prepped yourself, they’ll grab the AQUAGOLD vial and, starting at your forehead, gently stamp the cocktail of goodies into your skin, all the way across your face.

The whole process is fairly painless—for me it felt about as intense as pressing a fingernail into your skin. They’ll go through the entire stamping process twice to ensure complete coverage, which takes about 20–30 minutes. Honestly, the only uncomfortable part of the whole process was when I started sneezing uncontrollably and Dr Emma had to pause until I could stop. 

Afterwards, you may look a little red—some patients more so than others. I looked a little blotchy, but not severe enough to make anyone do a second take, and it had faded within a few hours. Make up can be applied after an hour so if you’ve opted to do the treatment on your lunchbreak, but our advice is to use your red face as an excuse to have a night in binging that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to watch for three weeks.

The results?

For the next few days, your skin may feel as though you’ve spent a bit too long in the sun, and there’ll be minimal difference—you might wonder why on earth you’ve invested in this. Hang tight, because three to four days in is where the magic happens. 

Personally, I battle massive pores on a regular basis, but after five days, they were barely visible. And a week later, those laugh lines around my eyes and frown lines on my forehead? A shadow of their former selves. There was also just an all round glow, even without make up, and using primer was a thing of the past. Don’t expect to have the skin of a twelve year old—this isn’t a miracle, people—but you’ll certainly shave a few years off and look much less chronically exhausted than before. 

The results are promised to last three to four months, though regular repeat treatments can apparently have long-term benefits. For anyone who invests in a monthly facial, it could be worthwhile swap at around $650 per treatment. Book in for a treatment at Medaco here

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Image credit: Taylor Hernandez, Elaine Heng 

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