Brisbane’s Best Milkshakes

By Catherine Blake
7th Jul 2014

A turbo blasted dairy drink for both hands; a milkshake could qualify as a meal in itself. Perfect for Sunday brunch, an afternoon treat, or a flashback of summertime nostalgia, we decided it was time to find the best milkshakes in Brisbane

(At this point I could chime in with a hackneyed line about a particular pop hit that promises to bring all the boys to the yard, but at The Urban List we're more refined than that.)

Shady Palms | Stones Corner

A scrumptious supplement to a leisurely breakfast is one of Shady Palms' premium salted caramel milkshakes. It's worth walking there just for a chance at one of these babies. 

Chester Street Bakery and Bar | Newstead

Known for hearty feeds, Chester Street delivers again. Their house-made caramel makes for an intensely delicious shake and is a serious contender for the best milkshake in Brisbane.  

Cowch | South Brisbane

Customised ice cream pops aren't the only attraction at Cowch. It's only a matter of time before the public cotton on to their kickass milkshakes as well, and then I can guarantee it will be standing room only. 

Shucked Coffee House | Newstead 

At Shucked you'll find all the old favourites plus a few cheeky newbies. Among them, Turkish delight, Nutella, and a tantalising espresso and vanilla. Brisbane milshakes don't gte much better.

South Side Diner | South Brisbane

Home to Brisbane's only menu of 'hard shakes' — that's milkshakes flavoured exclusively with spirits — South Side Diner have the milkshakes for grown ups market cornered. It's like having a cold, milky mega-cocktail. I dare you to find anything wrong with that sentence. 

Pearl | Woolloongabba

Purveyors of excellence in all edible forms, Pearl is yet again the Mary Poppins of the Brisbane culinary scene providing milkshakes which are practically perfect in every way. 

Hoo Ha Bar | South Brisbane

For hefty milkshake hankerings only. Hoo Ha Bar has proved themselves, amongst many things, to be masters of classic confection. If you're in the area make time for one of these suckers. 

Southside Tearoom | Morningside

The milkshakes at Southside Tea Room are well worth a mention for not just tasting like a fine-ass flurry of yummy, but looking damn cute at the same time. 

Have we missed your favourite milkshake in Brisbane? Let us know!

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