Brisbane’s Best Stylists

By AJ James
20th Oct 2013

Feel like when you're facing your wardrobe, you're really facing a dark void in your bedroom that, yes, is packed with product, but at the end of the day (or realistically when you're trying to get out the door in the morning) doesn't offer any apparent and easy solutions as to what to wear?

"There's NOTHING here I can wear! NOTHING! Nothing suits. NOTHING is appropriate. Those pants are TOO TIGHT and that skirt is far TOO SHORT! I curse the sales girl who sold me these!"

Sound familiar? Look, we've all been there once or twice. Which is why we wanted to help you out with our round up of Brisbane's best stylists. Because we think a session spent with them could be just what you need. The old and unflattering will be thrown out, the pieces you forgot you had brought up to the front, ways to wear old gems in a new way shown, and possibly new pieces purchased.

Christie Nicolaides.
You might know this lovely young lady from the Easton Pearson store. She honed her styling eye under the Easton and Pearson pairs' careful direction, and has the art of dressing all different shapes and sizes down to a tee. She has a love of colour, print and texture, and after a short time with her, you will too. Keep your eyes peeled for her 'pop up gypset store' closer to Christmas.

Thousand Island Dressing
You know when you've got that nagging feeling that your outfit needs something, but you don't know what? We've found the answer. You can pop into Thousand Island Dressing's New Farm store on a Thursday night, and their in-house accessories stylist will show you how to up your outfit with TID's gorgeous range of jewellery and accessories. This handy service is a great idea before a big night out on the weekend, and runs from 4pm-7pm.

Sacha Drake
Sacha Drake has a swarm of stylists waiting for you at her Paddington headquarters and whether you're looking to refresh your look, seeking advice on dressing for a special event, or wanting to learn how to park the perfect travel wardrobe, you'll be well looked after here. 

Di Cant
For over 40 years Di Cant has transformed the wardrobes of many Brisbane women, showing them want to keep, repair, throw out, and buy. She also often called upon by organizations when their employees need a lesson in professional grooming.

Beate De Camp
She's got both personal and corporate clients, but regardless the scope or purpose of the work, it's always important to Beate for you to feel comfortable and look stylish. She'll go to the shops with you, take on board what you need for your wardrobe, and work within a budget.

Got a stylist you love? Do tell!

Image Credit: Ugly Truth of V

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