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11 Group Fitness Classes That Will Help You Hit Your 2020 Health Goals

By Sophie Hart
16th Jan 2020

Don’t end up on the elliptical for the fourth time this week, you can do so much better. Get calories burning and abs firming with our roundup of Brisbane’s best group fitness classes to whip you into shape—you never know, you might even enjoy them. 

Get Fit For Free In The Park

South Bank And Brisbane CBD 

No, that’s not a typo, free fitness classes do exist in this city. Thanks to the Medibank Feel Good Program, you can do everything from aqua and Bollywood dance to yoga and zumba classes without spending a single penny. Taking over grassy spots across the South Bank Parklands and the Queen's Park in the CBD, along with the South Bank lagoon, from 27 January to 28 March, the classes are designed for all fitness levels and are run by qualified instructors—all you have to do is consult the timetable and turn up. 

Workout To The Beat At Volt Fitness 


If you fondly remember the days when you were still at the club at 5am instead of getting up for a gym session, Volt Fitness’ nightclub-inspired workouts might be for you. Under the glow of their neon lights, you’ll squat, press and row your way to good health in an electric environment that will keep you bopping until the very last burpee. Ok, maybe not the burpees, but just pretend they’re a killer dance move and you’ll get through it.

Slide Into Olympia Transformations 

Brisbane CBD 

Your favourite playground activity has been turned into a fun and effective way to ramp up your fitness at Olympia Transformations, thanks to an actual slippery slide on their gym floor. Yes, the exact kind you’ll find at your nearest playground. Their Jungle Class involves (amongst many other high intensity exercises), racing up the stairs and down a fire engine slide, or whatever it is the trainers decide to throw at you that day.

Take Your Yoga Sky High At Forme Fitness 

Fortitude Valley

Not just a once-in-a-while special event, rooftop yoga is a weekly event at Forme Fitness, taking place atop The Calile Hotel with some pretty stellar views. Get your downward dog on in the early morning sunshine with multiple classes each week, and stretch your way into kicking those 2020 fitness goals. 

Break A Sweat At InspireCycle


Put a spin on your regular workout and make that body burn at InspireCycle’s new summer class, Inspire Strength. Not just about pushing pedals, you’ll grab a set of weights to use while you ride, with some serious hills to tackle along the way. Luckily for your motivation, the InspireCycle instructors really know how to get a room moving, so there’s no chance you’ll put less than 123% effort here. 

Work On Your Core At KX Pilates

Newstead And Red Hill

KX Pilates have revolutionised the pilates game, creating a fast-paced, body-toning workout in just 50 minutes that fuses elements of traditional reformer pilates with cardio and endurance training for a high intensity workout. Workout smarter, not longer. We’re into it. And their new Red Hill studio means you’ve got even more places to do it. 

Punch It Out At Beat Boxing Gym


Thanks to New York’s Dogpound and Gotham Gym training the likes of supermodel’s Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber and so many more, boxing has well and truly become the latest cardio craze. Do like the A-lister's and sign up for a no-nonsense workout at Beat Boxing Gym in Bulimba.

Hit The Treadmill At Total Fusion

Newstead And Chermside 

Beat the summer heat and get to Total Fusion’s indoor Run Club. Alternate between interval training on a treadmill and strength and conditioning exercises off the treadmill. The beauty of Total Fusion is that it’s got the look and feel of a trendy boutique studio, but with a choice of 32 different class types and 120 group classes per week.

Find Your Inner Gymnast At Function Well 


If you’ve ever flicked over to the gymnastics during the Olympics, you’ll know that gymnasts have some seriously ridiculous bodyweight strength. There’s nothing like swinging around on bars and standing upside for giving you rockhard abs and a solid set of shoulders. Find out just how hard it is at Function Well’s gymnastics classes, where you’ll have as much fun falling over as you will getting fit.

Point Your Toes At Xtend Barre

Stones Corner And St Lucia 

If you think ballet is easy, you were obviously never forced to hold your arms in second position for 10 minutes at a time as a child. But enough about our childhood pain—Xtend Barre is here for the adult wannabe ballerinas out there. An intense full body workout with all the elegance of ballet, you’ll sculpt, chisel and lengthen muscles while twisting yourself into shapes you never knew you could achieve.

Prefer something that feels more like fun than hard work? Check out these ideas

Image credit: GMB Monkey 

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