Foot-Long Fries Exist And We’ve Lost The Plot

By Jessica Pridmore
13th Nov 2017


Never has the phrase, ‘fries before guys’ rung truer than when finding out that foot-long French fries exist in the universe. More importantly, how have we gotten this far in life and not experienced a fry of such extreme length? Seems like we’ve been doing this whole life thing wrong…

Trust the Japanese (purveyors of matcha lattes, giant soufflé pancakes and ALL the cute AF foodstuffs) to make something that we never gave much thought to, but now we know exists actually cannot live without.

I mean, who wants boring, regular-sized French fries when you can have giant super fries almost a foot long up in your mouth piece? My point exactly.

Bringing this huge food trend from Japan to Australian shores is none other than the creative minds at Harajuku Gyoza—I mean, they did bring us those giant pancakes, and for that we are forever indebted.

Hand pressed then deep fried to perfection, these XXL fries are doused in Japanese mayo and katsoubushi salt before being devoured.

Harajuku Gyoza have gone and added these fantastical fries to their Brisbane CBD menu for a limited time, so stop whatever you’re doing and get there. NOW.

The Details

What: Foot-Long French Fries
Where: Harajuku Gyoza, Brisbane CBD
When: For a limited time!

Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza

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