Get Ready To Carb Load, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers Are Opening In South Bank

By Ranyhyn Laine
31st Jul 2019

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers

Get excited people, because Brisbane’s best purveyors of gnocchi are opening a second venue for loading up on everyone’s favourite potato pasta, bringing their carb-loaded signature dish to South Bank. And our body is ready.

We’re talking about Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers of course, who after many years of doling out their delicious feeds at markets around town, opened a bricks and mortar restaurant in Paddington in 2016 to the joy of gnocchi lovers everywhere. There was only one thing on the menu that mattered (two if you count the cannoli), but it was still enough to have crowds flocking through the doors for a bowl of house-made goodness.

Now, you’ll have more chances to eat your fill of their iconic dish, with news that the crew are opening a second venue in the heart of South Bank on Little Stanley Street. Work has only just started on the new eatery, so there might be a while to wait yet, but for the chance to smash a bowl before heading to the movies or just finding a quiet spot in the parklands to descend into a food coma, we’ll happily wait as long as it takes.

Stay tuned for all the tasty details when they open—word is they might even add a bar menu this time. But really, we’re just also hoping for a second place to get their infamous cannoli and tiramisu…

While you wait, check out Fortitude Valley’s new spot for duck ragu here.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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