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Wizards Assemble, A Harry Potter Themed Trivia Tournament Is Coming

By Ranyhyn Laine
19th Jul 2019

Harry Potter Trivia Brisbane

This is not a drill guys. Samford’s road trip worthy Store of Requirement is putting on a never before seen magical experience for Brisbane’s biggest Potterheads. 

Grab your fanciest robes and brush up on your wizarding knowledge, because this Triwizard Cup level tournament (don’t worry, there are no dragons involved) is going to test your skills in all things magical, combining escape room style riddles and puzzles with Harry Potter trivia for a night you won’t want to obliviate. 

Teams of two to four brave enough to throw their name in the Goblet of Fire will battle it out and compete against the clock on challenges designed with the help of the minds who were behind the immersive zombie apocalypse that hit the Powerhouse a few years ago—so you know it’s going to be a good time. The whole thing is even integrated with magical technology, so you’ll see your teams scores appear on a digital leaderboard throughout the game. 

We’ve been promised that contestants will also have the chance to try Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and knock back a Butterscotch Brew or two, which frankly, is reason enough to nab tickets as soon as possible, with two players at $99, three players at $145 and four players $190. The next tournament on 25 July is already sold out, so we’d suggest accio’ing some tickets to one of the next dates on 2, 9 or 22 August as soon as possible. 


What: The Wizard’s Tournament
Where: The Store of Requirement, Samford 
When: 6.30pm, 2, 9 and  22 August 
Find out more here

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Image credit: Rhii Photography

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