How To Make A Turmeric Latte

By Rachel Lay
26th Jul 2016

turmeric latte recipe

So, surprise, Turmeric Lattes are a thing. It’s essentially a ~healing~ blend of cold pressed turmeric juice that’s added to non-dairy milk and served as a mega healthy alternative to coffee that, surprise, tastes really good.

The trend stems from Ayurveda practice where turmeric is believed to be a cure-all that is antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and antibacterial… which means that it helps your body heal, fights of colds, flus, sore throats and pretty much fixes your life. It’s like the perfect antidote to winter?!

TLDR – they’re yum and you won’t catch a cold so get on the bandwagon.

There aren’t too many places to snag one for yourself in Brisbane, so we’ll show you how to make one for yourself! Or, if you’re lazy you can grab one at The Brass Barrel, Wilde Kitchen, Paleo Café or Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters.


Equal parts to taste of: ​


  • Combine the spices and dry ingredients in a small dish
  • Bring coconut milk to the boil over medium heat
  • Stir spices in to combine

It’s that easy! Now sit back and bask in your own health…

Image credit: Mnm

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