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How To Survive In Brisbane On Only $100 A Week

By Rachel Lay
10th Jul 2017


Spending money is our kryptonite. If someone asked us to keep track of where our money went it would be: food, food, food, more food, and then some cheeky shopping thrown in for good measure. So, you know, just the usual mature, adult spending. But—in what we would deem as having a direct correlation to the inundation of European summer snaps on our feeds—we’ve decided that we should probably get our act together and start saving our coins. So, we set ourselves a challenge of doing Brisbane on only a $100 this week. How? Keep reading to find out.  

#1 Hit The Shops Weekly

Do a big shop weekly (on a full stomach) rather than one every night after work when you’re absolutely famished and facing a bare pantry at home. When you’re doing your shop, make sure you’re picking out ingredients that can help out with more than one recipe. Rice, beans, veggies, and spices are your friends here. Rather than opting for a bunch of ingredients for a dish you’ll never use again, these guys will get you a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

#2 Use Your Own Bank’s ATMs

How many times have you been in a pickle (err, drunk) where you need cash, but the closest ATM had a $2 fee and you really couldn’t be bothered walking that extra five metres to use your own banks ATM and skip the fees? While it may sound stingy of us, that $2 fee really adds up, especially when you think about how much cash you’re already withdrawing. So, be a grown up and stick to your own banks ATMs, minus the fees, and watch the savings pile up.

#3 Stop Buying Lunch Every Day, God Dammit!

Buying lunch every day is the equivalent of throwing cash in the bin. Remember that strategic grocery shop you’re now doing at the start of every week? Now you’ve got lunch every day, too! Just grab some tupperware (yes, the containers from your Thai take away work just as well) and meal prep five lunches a week. Too easy.

#4 Be Your Own Barista

Your relationship with your barista is important to you—we get it. They’re up to date on the latest goings on in your life, and they feed you coffee. But, when you really stop and think about how much cash your throwing at them, it’s probably best to chill it on the coffee, and buy some beans instead and become your own barista. Plus, you’ll stop being so damn late for work!

#5 Farmers Markets Are Your Friends

Farmers Markets may seem like they’re a bit bougie, a very LA thing to do, and altogether too much effort. But, if you head to the Farmers Markets at the end of the day, the veggies are discounted and you’ll end up walking away with a week’s worth of fresh produce for less than a tenner, or free, if you’re really lucky!

#6 Cheap Thrills

We also seem to spend a bulk of our money on the finer things in life: shopping, alcohol, and fancy restaurants. Lay off the smashed avo for a second, and start planning your social life. Host a pot luck dinner, a mulled wine night with the girls, or even a MYO rice paper roll party. The options are endless for entertaining at home, really. If all else fails, pack a picnic!

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Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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