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It’s A Heat-Wave Miracle: Brisbane’s Getting An Ice Bar This Summer

By Jessica Pridmore
12th Dec 2017


Brisbane in summertime: that time of year where make up melts off faces on the daily, sweat patches become a city-wide epidemic, and steering wheels dish out third-degree burns. We’re effectively the armpit of Australia. What an attractive bunch we are…

As if pre-empting our lack of enthusiasm for the onslaught of soaring temps, scorching sun rays and balmy (read: sweat-filled) nights, we can think of nothing more fabulous than an ice bar to cool us the hell down!

For one blistering day only this February (seriously it’s less than 8 weeks away—meep!), a fabulous ice bar is popping up in Brisbane, offering a reprieve from our oppressive summer heat.

IceBar Experience will be bringing the chill factor on Saturday, February 10 at Metro Arts in the CBD. Decked out with bulk ice sculptures and sub-zero temps, this is the heat-wave reprieve we’ll all be hanging out for.

Drinks will be served in their famous ice glasses, with cocktails, chilled wines and beers also available for peak ‘chilled’ vibes.

Tickets will clearly be highly sought-after, so get in now and book your spot. See, that ugly Christmas jumper will come in handy…

The details

What: IceBar Experience
Where: Metro Arts, Brisbane
When: Saturday 10 February 2018

Get your tickets, and all the event details, here.

Image credit: IceBar Experience

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