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Get Ready To Sing Your Heart Out, Karaoke Has Hit Holey Moley

By Ranyhyn Laine
28th Jun 2019

Holey Moley

Holey Moley, they've done it again. Just when you thought Fortitude Valley couldn't get any better, the folks at everyone’s favourite bar-slash-golf club-slash eatery have gone and opened two fully decked out karaoke rooms, along with nine brand new putt putt holes to get you singing and swinging all night long.

Promising to give you the time of your life, the new additions have arrived just in time for you to book in for the mother of all embarrassing Christmas parties, so we expect lengthy Instagram stories full of Bill from accounts belting out a Rhianna number six months from now. Whether you opt to embrace your inner songbird in one of the private 1960s themed karaoke rooms or get swinging on the new nine, there’s plenty to keep you occupied and quirky drinks to match. 

Holey Moley

Embracing all things pop culture old and new, the new holes include wild challenges that reference Uno, Operation, zombies, ET and Stranger Things–we’re not sure how it’s possible to get an upside down hole-in-one but we can’t wait to find out. 

If all that wasn’t enough to get you back through their doors, there’s also a whole new cocktail list to go with the new additions, which we’ve been told includes a bubbly bathtub number complete with rubber ducks. Confused? Us too, but we can’t wait to sample one.

Head here if you’re already rifling through potential Chrissy party dates in your head, or if you’ve decided that karaoke room is where you’re going to launch your new singing career, preferably on a Saturday night after one too many beers.

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