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Motorwagen x Mercedes Benz Is The New CBD Restaurant Upping The Design Ante

By Catherine Blake
1st Jan 2018

Having spent 92 representing the peak of German engineering, Mercedes-Benz are now branching into table service and the pairing is way cooler than you might think. They’ve gone and slapped their seal of approval on Motorwagen, the latest restaurant screeching into town.

Motorwagen’s namesake is the world’s very first petrol-powered vehicle, patented by none other than Karl Benz in his pre-Mercedes years all the way back in 1885. Located right next door to a slick-as Mercedes-Benz showroom, this contemporary dining venue will draw inspiration from Benz’s innovation and creativity with a seasonal menu of local produce and a heavy focus on making as much stuff in house as possible.

Behind the pans is head chef Dylan Cashman, brains behind big SEQ names like Paper Daisy, Panorama, Pilu and The Blue Door, so expect nothing less than perfection, folks. And of course, we need to talk about the coffee, which Motorwagen is going all out for. In a Brisbane first, they'll be using a La Marzocco Modbar and pour-over system (trust the engineering guys to break out all the mod-cons) and Blackstar Coffee Roasters will be providing the beans—which essentially means your morning latte will be on point!

If you’re wondering what business a luxury car company has breaking into the restaurant biz, just ask Michelin. The idea behind the first ever Michelin Guide was initially to promote the widespread travel by car (and therefore the need for tyres *wink*) by combining useful driving info like maps, instructions on how to change a flat, and where to find mechanics, petrol stations and pit stops in one handy compendium. Little did the Brothers Michelin know, they had created a monster, and the growing interest in the restaurant section soon meant that the guide’s sole purpose became figuring out where to eat. We can relate.

Safe to say that motorists and restauranteurs have a long history together, and one we’re thrilled to see continued in such a cool double barrel.

Motorwagen is open for breakfast and lunch during the week, offering dinner service Thursday through Sunday, and we highly getting down there to check it out.

The details

What: Motorwagen Restaurant & Bar
Where: 300 Adelaide St, Brisbane CBD
When: Opening 20 Aug, 2018

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