Puppy Borrowing Is A Thing!

By Rachel Lay
24th Mar 2016

Wouldn’t it just be so great if you could just borrow an adorable pooch for the day, and then give it back to it’s owners and free yourself of all parent-like responsibility and sticky rental negotiations and poop collecting? Well, you totally can.

Enter: Dogshare. Fur-parents can use Dogshare to link up with other dog lovers to exchange tasks like dog walking and dog sitting… for free. Dogshare is different to other services in it’s free offering, which is awesome, because it means other lovers of these four legged fluff balls can cosy up with pets for nada, while you get someone to mind your pooch while you can’t. 

‘How do I sign up?’ I hear you ask (scream!) through the screen. It’s so easy I can’t believe you haven’t done it already. Just create a profile on Dogshare’s website and add your previous experience with pups and highlight the services you’re offering. Think puppy play dates, sleep overs, walks, running errands at the vet; the options are endless. Then just sit back and wait for a pooch and their owner to contact you.

From there owner’s are encouraged to organize a park meet up to make sure you will show the pupper all the love in the world, and not be a total meanie to their fur baby. Next step? Enjoy all the cuddles with your new adopted pooch. Until it’s time to give them back, that is.

Check out Dogshare’s website to get onboard now!

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Image credit: Life of Jinkee

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