Rainbows Are Trending And It’s Cray Cray

By Ella Rei Mildren-Sheath
4th May 2016

Rainbows are a thing and its magical! Overnight this OTT colour trend has become a social media sensation, transforming Instagram into a enchanted forest of #rainbowtrends. 


Quickly adopted by the eccentric festival goers and Kesha, people have been dying their hair with an array of bright pastel colours that our inner child could only dream about. 



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If you haven't got those sun-kissed freckles, who cares make a statement and color them in.



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Turn your hands into rainbows and add some glitter for extra bit of sparkle.

However if you're not brave enough (like us) to run down to your local pharmacy for some neon dye, never fear, the rainbow trend is also in edible form! Yes indeed, formerly boring meals have had a food coloring overhaul and it looks amazing.



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From your classic eat to your veg fun pizza for the kids and the pickie eater.



To a ROY G BIV sushi burger.



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What could be better than cheese? ... RAINBOW CHEESE of course!



To wash that colour palette down, why don't you try a rainbow brewed latte. The multicolor creation of barista Mason Salisbury of Sambalatte coffee shop in Las Vegas.



But what has really stolen the instashow is the hand crafted Technicolour Dream Bagel from the Bagel Store, Brooklyn. This bite of unicorn heaven is filled with fun-fetti cream cheese and cotton candy, what more could you ask for?

Image credit: @nicolemiizuka

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