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This Infamous Jet Lag Mask Is Finally Available In Australia And Here’s Where To Get It

By Jessica Pridmore
7th Dec 2018


It sold out in less than 24 hours in the UK and USA, instantly becoming one of the most hyped about product launches of 2018, and now, finally Australia, we can get our hands on cult beauty brand Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask without having to take out a personal loan for international postage.

With only two products in the range, it’s their Jet Lag mask that has the loftiest claims. Packed with vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and naturally derived exfoliants (all the things your skin needs to look refreshed and revived) the Jet Lag Mask promises to make even the most tired-looking skin look as radiant as a newborn’s cheek.

And while you’re thinking, ‘hmm, sounds great, but all those ingredients must be fairly aggravating for my delicate visage’, the formula is free of phthalates, surfactants, petrolatum, BHT, BHA, and silicones, making it a match made in heaven for even the most sensitive of skin types.


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Feeling more like a rich face cream or beauty balm than a bog-standard face mask it was created specifically for those moments where your skin needs a good quenching, such as a long haul flight, after a day at the beach or when you’re just watching Netflix and eating ice cream from the tub. Going on mostly clear, save for a thin, dewy sheen, it’s perfect to use quite literally wherever and whenever the hell you like.

So, where can you get this miracle mask? Mecca (the clever buggers) has just this morning launched it online, so get moving and ‘add to cart’ before it sells out here, too.

The entire northern hemisphere can’t be wrong, right?

Image credit: Summer Fridays via instagram

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