Shop Smart At 5 Of The Most Sustainable Businesses In Brisbane

By Lillian Curthoys
7th May 2020

Different coloured handmade soaps on a wooden bench.

As we become more conscientious buyers, it’s important to remember that sustainability is important in every area of our shopping habits, and isn’t just a matter of remembering our green bags. Luckily, with more and more eco-friendly brands, stores and markets popping up, we’re finding planet-friendly and easy ways to get all our goods, from fashion to food. 

Whether you’re drinking wine that has a smaller carbon footprint, or buying clothes that aren’t part of the fast-fashion industry, every small step towards sustainability can be counted as a promising step towards the future. Here are five sustainable Brisbane businesses to shop at this month.



Vessel Nundah is a BYO container store that focuses on zero-waste skincare and cleaning products. With a range that includes everything from toning mists and facial bars to laundry liquid and toilet cleaner for your refillable containers, Vessel heroes locally made products that are affordable and good for the planet. 

Craft Wine Store

Red Hill 

Focusing on organic, biodynamic and natural wines, as well as stocking a heap of local drops which reduce transport and carbon emissions, Craft Wine Store is the perfect place to get your beverage fix while remaining environmentally conscious. Family owned, Craft Wine Store not only offers great beer, wines and spirits, but they’ll help make your weekend drinking sessions as guilt-free as possible.

Dunkle Authentic

Fortitude Valley

Finding makeup that is eco-friendly and sustainable is a difficult challenge these days, but Dunkle Authentic is leading the force in the ethical manufacturing of makeup from sustainable raw materials. Using organic Australian oils, waxes, seed butters and silica, Dunkle Authentic crafts foundations, lipsticks and skincare right here in their Valley studio that will have you feeling good in more ways than one. 

The Farm Folk


For fresh, organic groceries that you know were grown, raised, harvested and made using sustainable and ethical practices, look no further than The Farm Folk. These guys deliver local, seasonal produce from Aussie farmers to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to bread, meat, dairy products and pantry staples in their line up. Bonus, they also do their best to offset the carbon emissions created by delivering—for every box ordered, The Farm Folk plant a tree. 

DK Active


Activewear can be some of the hardest clothing to make ethically and sustainably, but DK Active are achieving success. With the use of sustainably and ethically sourced materials, a commitment to finding a use for the majority of their offcuts and a Brisbane HQ where the garments run entirely on solar power, DK Active are game changers for the fashion business. Bonus, all their outfits (men’s and women’s) are super comfy and look good to boot—what more could you want?

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Image credit: Heather Ford

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