Things You’re Guaranteed To Forget When Travelling Interstate

By Phoebe McRae
5th Jun 2017

what to pack travelling

There’s something about travelling interstate that’s (almost) more exciting than travelling overseas: the flights are shorter so you can’t get stuck next to a crying baby for too long, you don’t need your passport, and it’s cheaper. Wellllll, sometimes...

But no matter where you’re going there’s nothing worse than sitting at your gate in an absolute panic about all the things you’ve forgotten to pack. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Brisbane Airport to help you work out what the eff you should do when you’ve forgotten the only thing you should have remembered.

If You’re Travelling To… Melbourne

So you’re going to the land of the cold. Yes, you should have listened to your mum and yes, you’re going to need a puffer jacket. Stop by Lorna Jane on your way to the gate and grab a chic black one (Melburnians only wear black, duh), then thank us later when you’re warm, toasty and look just like a local. You'd better apologise to your mum, too.

If You’re Travelling To… Cairns

While Cairns technically isn't interstate, it's so far away it should be. If you’re on your way to Cairns with a suitcase full of clothing, well, you’ve gone and messed it up anyway, because you won’t be needing any of it. You will sweat, you will melt and you won’t want to be wearing any clothes. Enjoy the tropics!

If You’re Travelling To… Sydney

Oh, Sydney. We love to hate you and we hate to love you but secretly we’re just super jell of your beaches, bars and beautiful bridge. If you’re jumping on a plane to head to the wannabe capital, we really hope you packed your sunnies and a brolly. But you didn’t, did you. It will be either full on sunshine or pouring down with rain, so consider yourself lucky Sunglass Hut and Typo have your back at the airport. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If You’re Travelling To… Adelaide

Adelaide is otherwise known as Australia’s winery wonderland. You’re going need hydrolyte, sparkling water and allll of the salty goods but we both know you can buy all of that when you’re there. It’s doesn’t really matter what you forget when you’re heading to the Barossa—you probably won’t remember you were even there. No judgement from us.

If You’re Travelling To… Perth

If you’re heading to Perth, you’re obviously a surfer, backpacker or suit. It’s so far away that you’re pretty much going to another country, so don’t forget to eat before you get on the red-eye (Chop Chop Changs and The Market Place ain’t half bad, just sayinnn’) then grab an eye mask from Peter Alexander because it’s pretty much impossible to remember eye masks even exist until you’re in an airport. Sleep tight!

If You’re Travelling To… Hobart

Two words: stretchy pants. Even if you remembered to bring them, you’ll forgot you need a bigger pair than usual because the best thing to do in Hobart is eat their glorious, glorious food. Buy stretchy pants. We repeat, buy stretchy pants. Go to Witchery, grab a pair two sizes up and be on your way. Unless you forgot your moisturiser as well—Hobart hits lows of 0 degrees, guys—so you'd better pop into Mecca Maxima, too. No one likes dry skin, or chapped lips for that matter.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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