Top 7 Healthy Brisbane Lunches You Can Takeaway

By Sophia McMeekin
10th Mar 2015

How’s this for a scary little fact? Christmas was TWO WHOLE MONTHS AGO. And, if you’re of the same vaguely lazy, usually hungry disposition as us, you’re probably still waiting for the right moment to start that detox you had planned for Jan. And Febfast? Forgeddaboudit.

And now the year is well and truly in full swing it’s time to stop with the excuses, ‘cause we’ve found 7 of Brisbane’s best clean eating, takeaway lunches to keep you on the straight and narrow (at least between the hours of 11am and 2pm). The best bit? These healthy Brisbane lunches are all quick as, so you can grab one on the go, and be back at your desk in a jiffy.



No time to rush around town in search of salad in your lunch hour? You need to get on the YouFoodz bandwagon! The clean-eating secret weapon in the fridges of the best looking people out, Youfoodz is a totally fresh lunch (and every meal) delivery service that’s going to transform your bod’, and leave your lunch hour wide open for more important things (like online shopping and stalking people on Instagram). 

Touted as the anti-diet food delivery service, YouFoodz make nutritionally balanced meals you’ll actually want to chow down on—think Jamaican jerk chicken, sticky bbq pork ribs, and even chicken parmys (check out the full menu here)! Made specifically so you can stock up in one quick order (everything is made to last between 7-9 days), you can jump on the Youfoodz website and order delivery of YouFoodz for the week, the month or even the year, and rest easy knowing a healthy, delish lunch is waiting for you in the fridge every day. Minimum order amounts do apply, but you'll be so enamoured with the meals, you'll have no trouble hitting that. 

Raw Pawpaw

[Editor's Note: This business has now closed.]

New Farm

With some siblings around town (Pawpaw Café in Woolloongabba, and Little Pawpaw in Kedron) Raw Pawpaw’s in good company. If the thoughts of cold carrot sticks scares you, rest assured that everything on the Raw Pawpaw menu is not only good for you, but completely nom-worthy, too. Don’t believe us? Their vegan French toast, Luz Almond icecream, and acai bowls are regulars on our ‘guilty pleasures’ lists, but it’s their raw zucchini pasta that’s our pick for lunch, which kind of looks like spaghetti if you squint really hard.

Botanica Real Foods

Red Hill

A take-away only café, with a focus on salads and gluten-free treats, Botanica’s heaped bowls of fresh greens have earned them a cult following among the health conscious Brisbane lunch crowd. We secretly love Botanica because you can go in under the premise of buying a takeaway salad, and return to the office with some of the best gluten-free sweeties in Brisbane. ‘Cause you don’t make watercooler friends with salad.



There’s a healthy Brisbane lunch, then there’s a HEALTHY Brisbane lunch. Press’d is the later, and if you don’t understand the distinction you’ve obviously never had their raw nachos, raw pizza, or raw, vegan teriyaki ‘salmon’ (which is actually a very cleverly disguised piece of ripe pawpaw). Drop by for some of the freshest and tastiest raw lunch nosh in town—you won’t regret it.

Primal Pantry


Paleo nosh might be the flavor of the month, but Primal Pantry’s got the cafe-chops to go the distance. Come lunch time, they have a neat-o takeaway salad offering of changing salad specials, all generously adorned with goodies like bacon and nuts, sure to keep you full til knock off. They even let you add extra protein (go the coconut-crumbed chicken) if you’re bulking, shredding, or just plain old greedy.

Felix Espresso and Wine Bar

Brisbane CBD

If you’re on the hunt for a healthy lunch in Brisbane’s CBD yet find yourself staring down the barrel of a food court carvery every lunch hour, you need to back away from the roast beef roll and mosey on down to Felix. These cool cats are dishing up pretty, seasonal salad bowls (which you can takeaway) and loads of other organic, healthy fare, all made in-house. We’re big fans of their raw nori rolls and vegan cupcakes.


West End 

A daily roster of outright fancy salad and sandwich specials means you can hit Plenty every day of the week and never get bored. Some of our fave salads have been their stone fruit salad with buffalo mozzerella and balsamic, and chicken and corn slaw with chilli (check their Facebook page for daily specials lists). The bacon sandwich with blue cheese, beetroot jam, and basil wasn’t too shabby either, though maybe not the healthiest Brisbane lunch going.

We're chuffed to partner with YouFoodz to bring you our Healthy Hit List series—our guide to the best healthy food, fitness, and fresh fun in Brisbane. Our Healthy Hit Lists are researched and recommended by The Urban List, and delivered by YouFoodz—the fresh food delivery service saving you time for more important things. Find out what's on the menu this week!

Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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