Which Type Of Traveller Are You? (And Where You Should Holiday)

By Sophie Colvin
4th Jul 2017

Not all winter travellers were built the same. Whether you’re all about the thrills, or you’ve set out to have a leisurely holiday filled to the brim with cheese and wine, there’s a holiday and activity for you.

We've teamed up with the seasoned travellers at Tasmania-Go Behind The Scenery to help you find the ideal winter travel destination for your travel personality. 

So, what type of traveller are you?  

The Thrill Seeker

Like his Instagram bio states, Richard has both completed the Mongolian Rally and hitchhiked from Alaska to Punta Arenas. Twice. As soon as you make eye contact with Richard, there’s an 87% chance he’ll tell you all about that time he got mugged by zebras in the Amazon. Ol’ Richie will also invite you to his next slide night, where you’ll get to sit through 2,347 unedited shots from his 2013 trip to Papua New Guinea.

Rich is a self-described ‘thrill-seeker’ and recently has booked an abseiling trip at the Gordon Dam in Tasmania’s South West because all his climbing mates have been and they said it’s the best god-damn adrenaline-related activity they’ve ever done (it is officially one of the top ten most heart-stopping activities in the world). At 140 metres, Rich is keen to tick it off his adventure list this winter. He’s also booked in at the Pedder Wilderness Lodge, because sometimes slumming it is over-rated and he feels he’s earned some wine and an open fire at this time of year (obviously for saving that meerkat’s life that time).

The Wine Lover

Everyone knows Jenny is more than keen on a vino or five. We’re not saying she’s a borderline alcoholic, we’re just saying she‘d never leave a cellar-door with a jar of honey and two fridge magnets. Jenny’s just booked a wine weekend with the girls and she’s mapped out exactly where they’re going to go on her iPad so they can visit as many wineries as possible (...and so she can post photos every four hours and tag her children in them).

Kicking things off at Josef Chromy, just outside Launceston, the girls are very excited for the ritzy winter menu. They’re then going to Moores Hill—word on the street is there’s an open fire and uber-cute puppy called Otto. Next stop is Wines For Joanie, and then obviously they can’t miss grabbing some bubbly at Jansz Tasmania. Jenny’s found them the perfect wine-related place to stay in Woodridge Farm, where they’ll be able to settle in to their cosy accommodation and enjoy the day’s spoils. Thank god they convinced Debbie’s son to drive them around in a minibus.

The True Romantic

Tim’s heard that girls like romance, and even though there’s more romance in a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk than Tim’s entire dating history, he knows that nothing says ‘romance’ like a secluded private island. Unfortunately, private islands are surprisingly hard to track down, especially ones that are easily accessible and have luxury accommodation that meet Tim’s impossible private island-related standards.

Tim’s planning a celebration for his fifth anniversary, and his girlfriend has been less than subtle about making her expectations known, so he’s decided to go all-out. Tim’s currently tossing up between two ridonkulously incredible islands off the coast of Tassie—Picnic Island or Satellite Island. On one hand, Picnic Island, off the coast of Freycinet National Park on Tassie’s East Coast, is the only place in the world where you can sleep amongst a penguin colony (tick). But on the other hand, Satellite Island in the south has the most Insta-worthy accommodation Tim’s ever seen and he’s envisaging shucking their own oysters by an outdoor fire, rugging up with blankets, drinking pinot and toasting their own marshmallows.

The Wilderness Warrior

Peter knows his tropical rainforests from his temperate rainforests and can name at least 76 insect species that are only found on one branch in the latter. Even though it’s right on his back doorstep, Peter will never get tired of driving The Tarkine Drive Loop, which goes off the beaten track and into the wilderness of the world’s greatest expanse of cool temperate rainforest.

Peter’s always tickled pink by stops at the Trowutta Arch Rainforest Walk, and certainly can’t get enough of those giant fern glades and cheeky paddy melons. Plus, if you know where to go, you can also feast on world-class crayfish and oysters fresh from the water. The drive is best topped off with a night or two at Horizon Deluxe Apartments or Tall Timbers

The Hardcore Foodie

Stephanie is obsessed with Tasmanian cheese and has on multiple occasions tried to convince her friends that the lavender cheese at Ashgrove is better than the cheddar. All her friends agree on is that there’s something seriously wrong with her. Stephanie sees every trip to Tasmania as one long, giant feast which under no circumstance should be interrupted. Stephanie’s done the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail more times than she’s been to the dentist and attributes 97% of her cooking skills to what she’s learnt from frequent visits to The Red Feather Cooking School.

Stephanie’s just about mastered replicating the tasting platter at The Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory, and friends even ask her to bring it to barbecues now. During this trip to Tassie, Stephanie is taking her mum and Auntie on a Tasmanian winter whisky tasting spree and a Bruny Island Road trip so they can gather up all the winter produce under the sun and ideally cover Stephanie’s excess baggage charges at the airport on the way home.

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Image credits: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett, Kraig Carlstrom, Kara Rosenlund and Mark Chew.

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