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The Northside Has A Pulp Fiction-Themed Pop-Up Bar!

By Shannon Coward
8th Dec 2017


If there’s one thing we love more than a good block party, it’s a secret basement cocktail party. So when we learnt about the secret basement cocktail party happening in Brisbane on December 16, we just had to share. The aptly named For The Love Of Film Village Party is being held in celebration of the arrival of Newmarket Village’s next-level Reading Cinemas and promises to be all sorts of awesome.

The party, which will take place on Saturday December 16 and December 17, features a fully stocked bar—inspired by the iconic Jack Rabbit Slims bar from Pulp Fiction—and cocktail-making classes from legendary mixologist, Shaun Byrne (of Melbourne’s Gin Palace fame). The cocktails you’ll be making will be inspired by cult-classic films like The Breakfast Club, Donny Darko and Back To The Future—just to name a few!

The masterclasses will be split into four sessions, with each class revolving around a particular theme which just so happens to coincide with three movies. Themes include everything from the morning after to heroes and villains. Expect to be sipping on a Golightly Royale, inspired by Breakfast At Tiffany’s, before downing a refreshing Silence Of The Sangria, motivated by everyone’s favourite cannibalistic serial killer. Oh and did we mention the class will only cost you a tenner? Uh, yes please!

Once you get sick of crafting cocktails like the bar-slinger you were born to be (said no-one ever), the party will also include recreated scenes from Forest Gump, Indiana Jones and Up for you to get your inner-model on.

Thinking about passing on account of plans to re-watch the much-anticipated release of The Last Jedi? Well, think again because this secret party is coming at you with a unique virtual reality game, Trials of Tatooine, which has been described as a Jedi training academy simulator. Newmarket, you know how to treat us right.

To book a cocktail masterclass, be sure to head here.

The Details

When: Saturday 16 and 17 December, 12:00pm–9:00pm.
Where: Reading Cinemas, Newmarket Village, Newmarket
For all the details, click here.

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Image credit: Wine Dharma via Unsplash

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