49 Actual Thoughts We've Had About Summer Ending

By Sophie Wright
28th Feb 2017

The summer of 2017 was an absolute scorcher!

As a record number of heatwaves graced us with their presence, we sweated in places we’ve never sweated before, racked up hideously expensive electricity bills, and spent a small fortune on iced lattes. #noregrets

As February comes to close, we’re feeling a mixture of ways about saying sayonara to the hottest season ever! Love it or hate it, here are some thoughts you’ve probably had about summer ending…

1. This is actually the longest summer ever.

2. Did you know that this was the hottest summer on record?

3. I can’t believe we survived.

4. I seriously thought I was going to die.

5. Oh my God, you guys, if summer’s over, that means it’s nearly March.

6. HOW is it nearly March already?

7. It can’t be. I’m in denial.

8. I’m SO old.

9. I’m so over seeing bum cheeks hanging out of shorts.

10. It’s like, try to cover up a bit, you know?

11. Will be nice not to sweat all my makeup off every day.

12. I feel like I’m just sweating standing still at the moment.

13. Goodbye social life—cya in September!

14. So excited to have an excuse to be antisocial!

15. I’m NEVER leaving my room.

16. All my TV shows are coming back soon! So ready to binge-watch EVERYTHING.

17. I hope I never have to hear another “back-to-school” ad again.

18. At least we’ll be able to actually get a park in Noosa/Mooloolaba now all the tourists have gone.

19. I’ve just realised I didn’t get to wear that amazing summer dress I bought yet!

20. Can we go out one night soon so I can wear it?

21. Just not this week, ‘cause it’s way too hot. Apparently we’re in the middle of a heatwave.

22. Maybe it’s not a heatwave… maybe this is just what summer is like now?

23. How weird is global warming?

24. I haven’t posted any good photos recently because I’ve looked like a sweaty beast in all of them.

25. Is it just me, or did everyone in my Facebook feed get married over summer?

26. Our winters aren’t even cold, I don’t know what people are complaining about.

27. We should go on holiday somewhere super wintery and really embrace winter.

28. Remember when it snowed in Stanthorpe?

29. OMG, what if it snows?

30. I hope it snows this year!

31. I reckon it actually could snow this year, because, you know, global warming.

32. I can’t wait to be able to stop using the air con. My electricity bill is gonna be through the roof.

33. At least I got a good tan this summer. I love being super tan in winter.

34. Although, I’m not as brown as I normally am…

35. Do you think I still have time to get a good tan?

36. How do I make my tan last all through winter?

37. SO ready for an excuse not to fake tan. It’s actually such hard work maintaining this.

38. Maybe now my sheets will stay white! At least for a few months…

39. Winter is the best because you get to eat so much comfort food!

40. Like pies…

41. And curries…

42. And potatoes… mmmm, potatoes.

43. I’m just gonna live in my hoodie and leggings the WHOLE time.

44. How good is winter, you hardly ever have to shave your legs!

45. Now <insert boyfriend or girlfriend’s name> has no excuse not to cuddle me.

46. It’s kinda chilly tonight… and it’s not even winter yet!

47. I’m ACTUALLY going to freeze this winter.

48. Since when did it get so cold all of a sudden?

49. *Three months later* I promise I will never complain about summer again… I am SOOOO COLDDDDDD.


Photo Credit: Brooke Darling for Metropolist

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