Everything Right With Ariana Grande’s New Neon-Soaked Music Video

By Jessica Best
18th Jan 2019

We haven’t even settled into 2019 for a hot minute and Ariana Grande is already kicking the year off with a bang. A bang in the shape of a glorious new neon-soaked music video for her new tune 7 Rings which strongly echoes the melody to My Favourite Things (indeed, from The Sound Of Music).

Maybe it’s a break-up anthem like her recent bangers, maybe it’s not. 7 Rings preaches everything to do with independence and it features a bunch of her childhood friends who she bought 6 matching diamond rings for.

And what to expect when you hit play? Think glitchy transitions, hip hop vibes, over-sized jackets, all the bisexual lighting and chunky sneakers. In other words, it’s an actual horcrux of everything cool right now.

Watch the video below:

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Image credit: 7 Rings Youtube

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