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Australia Is Going To Be Scorched To A Crisp This Week

By James Shackell
11th Dec 2017


Tremble in fear, Australia. The warlocks at the Bureau of Meteorology have cast the knuckle bones and released a new weather warning this week. ‘Flippin’ hot’ is the general diagnosis for basically the whole country.

Yep, it’s going to be a proper scorcher. Temperatures are gonna top 30 degrees in pretty much every city around the continent...except Hobart, where the polar bears will frolic in fiercely mild conditions.  

Western Sydney is going to cop the worst of the heat, with predictions of up to 42ºC on Thursday, which is pretty much the point at which thongs melt. Perth will hit 35ºC, Melbourne will somehow transition from torrential rain to 36ºC, and Adelaide will sweat through a few days of 38ºC. Brisbane, you’re somehow in the clear—they reckon it’ll only climb into the high 20s.

Remember to slip, slop, slap...although if you live in Western Sydney, tunnelling towards the centre of the earth might be your best bet.

Summer is back. Run for your lives. 

Image credit: Sunshine 

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